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Pastor, an earthquake will hit Manila...

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An excerpt from a note left by a man who arrived unannounced. Unable to wait for my visitor to leave he left a note saying a big earthquake was going to hit Manila in two days. He wanted me to warn the congregation to prevent the loss of many lives. That was three weeks ago.

Google earthquake predictions in Manila and you will find credible members of media and government both local and international with their fair share of predictions and “prophecies.” Their conclusion, the big one is coming.

I decided against telling the congregation about the man’s prediction. It would be irresponsible of me to say anything from the pulpit considering I had no idea who he was. He left a mobile number, when I called he did not pick up and sent a text message instead but  did not say anything but that he was in a meeting.

Here’s how I responded to the note.

Faith versus Fear

That afternoon my son’s were at my house and I showed them the man’s note while simultaneously building their faith that God is in control.

I was encouraged by each of my son’s response. No one asked if they could move with us for the day, considering all three lived in a high-rise condominium. They chose to live by faith and not in fear.

It may be true that a big earthquake is coming but we must not allow these predictions to cause us to live in fear. Whatever we face from beginning to end the righteous shall live by faith.

“...a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.” Romans 1:17

Prepare Others Who Are Not Ready

Notes like these serve to remind us the reality that death is inevitable. It can come in the form of an earthquake, a disease, a plane crash, or even a gunshot. The reality is, it is coming, for everyone.

The inevitability reinforces in me the need to share the Gospel to others. While we already have our ticket to eternity paid for by our Savior, the vast majority of people don’t.

Don’t be a doomsday prophet. The problem with that is we don’t really know the day or the hour and when we make these unfounded predictions we lose credibility instead of gaining some.

Instead patiently engage your family and friends. I’m sure they have heard of this news in some shape and form.  Tell them the Good News of Salvation in Jesus, yup it is news, it has already happened, God has saved the world for all those who choose to live by faith in Christ.

Get Your House In Order

Finally, get your house in order. In the book of 2Kings, a story is told of King Hezekiah:

In those days Hezekiah became ill and was at the point of death. The prophet Isaiah son of Amoz went to him and said, “This is what the LORD says: Put your house in order, because you are going to die; you will not recover.” 2Kings 20:1

Hezekiah prayed and God extended his life to give him more time to get his house in order. What this means to us varies from person to person, but the message is clear get your house in order. In other words fix the things you can fix while you still have the time to do them.

Whether they are relational issues that need addressing, financial loose ends, or things that need special attention, take stock and get your house in order, whether the big bad earthquake comes or not you will have a house in order.

I would like to hear from you. How would you have responded if you received a note like the one I did?

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19 thoughts on “Pastor, an earthquake will hit Manila...”

  1. Sherwin Reyes says:

    I'd remind myself of the unchanging nature and promise of God: that He has a plan for me, to prosper me and not to harm me... that he has prepared a great future for me.

    1. joey bonifacio says:

      Thank you for posting your comment.

  2. Zorbee says:

    I don't like fear mongering. its too scary.

    From what I recall, most of the prophesies were calls to repentance... if I knew an earthquake was coming, how is it suppose to help me know more about God's love and character?

    1. joey bonifacio says:

      Thank you for your comment. I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments as the Disqus feature of my website was not functioning properly and just got restored a few days ago and I needed to catch up.

  3. Daryl Grace Castro says:

    Very reassuring po. Death indeed is a reality for all of us. Having 3 sons between age of 2-10, I can't help myself from being afraid of how I'm going to save them all when big one does happen. Our house stands near Marikina fault. But your message reminded me that I can indeed put our lives in hands of our Lord and live by faith that He knows best. He has saved us already at cross thus we can be sure He will save us from any trouble this world brings. He is always in control. His plan is pleasing & good. Thank you, Lord!

  4. Paul says:

    Pastor Joey, I shrugged it off. Why? Because it only creates confusion.Unfortunately, some Christians in our Nation embraced that kind of doomsday thing. That is ridiculous!! It only takes us off-center,Kumbaga, imbis kay KRISTO naka-Sentro, naka-Sentro sa Tao.

    Remembering THE END Series, All I know is this:JESUS CHRIST can come anytime and soon.Iyan ang Sabi ng BIBLE. In my opinion and i would submit this:Matthew 24 is fulfilled ever since. Look at World History books, kahit sabihin nating gawa ng tao iyan but somehow, it fulfills it.We are living in THE END days talaga and Malapit nang dumating ang PANGINOON anytime and soon.Kaya Lagi tayong Handa at maging Masigla sa Paglilingkod sa Panginoon hanggang Wakas anuman ang mangyari

    Kahit hanggang ngayon,may Trahedya,may Catastrophic events tayo, pero sabi ni KRISTO, hindi pa po ang Wakas. Kumbaga, Sign ito na Anytime JESUS will come.Kaya huwag tayo matakot.Tutal Kasama naman natin ang PANGINOON di ba? Basahin ang 1 Peter 4:12-19.

    So bakit ba tayo maniniwala diyan sa mga pinagsasabi nilang ito?

  5. ReyCorpuz says:

    Wise answer kapatid.

    1. joey bonifacio says:

      Salamat Rey.

  6. Martin Wong says:

    First of all, I would have prayed that it were not true, while at the same time knowing that if it were, God is still firmly in control and He would bring good out of even this. We can't control whether an earthquake happens or not but we can control who we put our faith in.

  7. Rajoneba Elad says:

    I have had four consecutive dreams about a major earthquake coming to metro manila since late December 2013 but i only shared it to my spiritual leaders (including my Bishop/Pastor Manny), my wonderful wife Liza (who gets awaken ever time these early morning dreams wake me up) and my spiritual confidant ate Jo Pena. I would have loved to share each dream here but it would make a long post because i would be typing in my spiritual leaders' interpretation and my own understanding and revelation from my Lord. I asked them instead how they would interpret my four dreams. The 4rth dream was just a week ago. I have asked the Lord several times in my morning quiet times to make me understand what these dreams mean so i may learn His message for me. I too have my own revelation from my Lord about my dreams and My Lord Jesus made it clear and easy for me to understand that the righteous will live by faith and in love for one another and anyone who is in Christ need not worry because divine protection is on each and everyone of His children - every heir of salvation. The message is so clear to me that there is an urgency to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the lost. And I understood that He is preparing my heart for a big and long work of service. I have understood that He has assigned angels for me to make sure I will stay alive (i understood this because i have had a couple of dozen near death experiences and i was supernaturally saved in all those instances) and healthy for the remaining days of my special ministry He is assigning me to do. I would have loved sharing His plan for my upcoming special ministry but it will take too long if i will post it on this blog.

    So let us all exercise our faith in God through our love for one another and by engaging the lost, establishing them in the faith, equipping them and finally empowering them in spirit and in truth. Hallelujah!

    1. Sorry to respond to you just now. The Disqus feature of my website has not been functioning properly. Thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your insight.

  8. Hello Pastor Joey. I'm a regular reader of your blog, discipled in your church 7 yrs ago, since moved overseas but still always get inspired by your work and writings. I initially would have been confused as I would not have a clue if this is God breathed prophesy that I should immediately act on. I agree that we should live by faith and if messages like these draw us to live in fear, then even if it is actually from God, the message does not serve its purpose if we respond with fear. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." 2 Tim 1:7

    1. joey bonifacio says:

      Thank you for posting your comment. I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments as the Disqus feature of my website was not functioning properly and just got restored a few days ago and I needed to catch up.

  9. Jessica says:

    Sir, I believe
    there’s something to be said here about disaster preparedness. The Philippines is the 3rd most
    disaster-prone country in the world (,
    yet we’re one of the least prepared for them. To think that we’re in the busiest typhoon
    belt in the world (there’s said to be an average of 20 typhoons passing our
    archipelago each year), mass fatalities and destruction like those of Yolanda,
    Pablo, Sendong, Ondoy (and so on) still take place. And in spite of the (supposedly) common
    knowledge that our country lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire, with huge fault
    lines stretching northeast to south of MM, not to mention huge trenches lying
    off both the eastern and western coasts of the county, you’d hope Filipinos
    would be more prepared for earthquakes.

    The so-called “big one” though may be THAT
    big that no amount of preparation would sufficiently buffer a heavily congested
    metropolis like Metro Manila from the disastrous effects of a mega quake. Yes, so many credible local and foreign
    institutions have already warned of a huge one happening sometime, but how many households are
    actually ready for it, in the least possible sense?

    Granted we don’t know exactly when it will
    happen, it surely won’t hurt to be prepared, spiritually AND physically, for
    such an event. It WILL happen, sooner or
    later. Earthquakes and calamities will
    take place (Matt 24:7), especially since we’re in the end of days -- if you
    notice the signs happening all over world nowadays.

    Yes death is inevitable, but sudden and UNTIMELY death, severe injuries, massive property
    damage and lack of provisions may not necessarily be. We can certainly avoid those, as the Lord
    enables us.

    Being Christians, we are to be salt and
    light to our communities, shining when darkness prevails and helping preserve
    life in difficult or dying situations.
    When disaster strikes, will we be ready and know how to act? Or get easily scared, panicky and feel
    helpless like everyone else? If we get
    stuck in an elevator or in a high-rise office or condo, with the power out and
    no generators working, will we be the first to complain or despair, or remain
    at peace and be an encouragement to others?

    If stuck in the streets and traffic is
    jammed, roads are impassable and (God forbid) destruction is so widespread that
    we’re left with no choice but leave our vehicles and walk home, would we have a
    "GO bag" inside our car trunk, ready with a pair of walking shoes, a raincoat,
    flashlight, snacks and a basic survival kit so we can hike home or to a
    friend’s house if we need to?

    In our homes, if utilities (power, water,
    phone, etc.) go down and aren’t restored within 24-48 hours, will we be part of
    the dozens if not hundreds of people lining up at the village store (that has a
    generator), queuing up for whatever’s left of the canned goods, bottled water,
    candles, or a chance to charge our cell phone batteries?

    In essence, will we be part of the problem
    (needing to be rescued and provided for like everyone else), remain neutral, or
    else become a solution by lending help to others in need?

    If we were self-sustaining at the family,
    community or church level, having at least 3 days’ worth of food and water
    supplies in our homes and churches (or at the very least, water purification
    tablets), and even possibly owning generators, solar panels and other means of
    self-reliance, we could rise to the occasion of being just that – salt and
    light. Imagine the opportunities for
    evangelism, healing and mercy ministries in a disaster-struck area? There may be countless families, Christian or
    not, needing help, prayer and comfort.
    Just like Yolanda, how can government workers help if they themselves are
    hit? How would we as Christians be able
    to help if we, too, are in dire straits?

    The Citizens Disaster Response Center
    (CDRC) says that during calamities, the first institutional help to arrive at a
    disaster area are not the search-and-rescuers (SARs) but the rapid assessment
    teams (RATS) – who don’t physically help victims but just assess and report the
    extent of a disaster to the proper authorities.
    So usually, families and neighborhoods are left to fend for themselves
    for the first 24hours. What if roads
    were destroyed and much-needed help, even if available, can’t get to the
    victims for the next 24 to 48?

    Personally, I think you wouldn’t necessarily
    be causing fear if you shared the message with your congregants. How people react to a warning is largely
    their choice. Fear is a natural,
    knee-jerk and very human reaction. It
    can be good (helping to preserve life), it can also be bad (when carried to the
    extreme). But preparedness is the better
    – and I believe the more Christian – option, which church people should be encouraged
    and taught to do.

    For sure, Noah was misunderstood, and
    possibly even laughed at when he built the ark for several YEARS and there
    wasn’t a sign or a single drop of rain that could lead to the flood that Father
    warned him about. But he acted in faith,
    trust and willful obedience. It wasn’t so
    much fleshly fear that drove him to obey, but fear in God AND faith that what
    He said would indeed come true. As did
    the early church, when a prophet Agabus foretold of an upcoming famine and the
    disciples acted in faith and sent relief to believers in Judea (Acts 11:27-30).

    It is up to every believer – more so
    leaders, since they have a responsibility for their flocks – to discern whether
    a message is indeed from the Lord or not, pray earnestly about it, intercede on
    the people’s behalf, and act as (or if) the
    Spirit leads. Many will be given
    instructions when -- or even before -- these birth pains take place. Some will be told to stay in their present
    locations and be prepared, others may be instructed to leave and move to a
    safer place, as Abraham and Lot were. (We will be safe wherever the Lord places us.) And if we haven’t received any particular
    instructions yet, knowing that rain falls on both the righteous and the wicked
    (Matt.5:45), it is just wise and best to prepare. God IS merciful, in that He warns His people
    first before letting a huge calamity take place (Amos 3:6-7) -- unlike the
    devil who seems to prefer that these things take us by surprise.

    So as leaders, I believe it’s our
    responsibility not only to discern for ourselves, but also to teach
    our followers to do so. God is pouring
    out His spirit in these end-times, many indeed are having dreams and visions
    (Joel 2:28-29, Acts 2:17-18). Regular
    believers will continue to receive prophetic warnings (and because we're humans there will always be room for inaccuracy), and churches will need
    to know how to handle and respond to these prophetic gifts.

    And yes, we are to stir up each other’s
    faith so we can be ready to face trouble spiritually, instead of being gripped
    with fleshly fear. For even if church members are long-time believers already, in a
    time of extreme trial when death and destruction occur, aid and comfort can’t
    be found, and food and water are scarce, will our faith keep us standing? Have we trained our children and members to
    memorize Psalm 91?
    There are so many facets to this issue, it would be good for believers to start discussing and seriously consider them.

    1. joey bonifacio says:

      Thank you for your insights Jessica. I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments as the Disqus feature of my website was not functioning properly and just got restored a few days ago and I needed to catch up.

      You are right in pointing out the need for preparedness and I believe Christians should take that posture.

  10. Domingo Calpotura says:

    Be still and know that He is God. psalm 46:10

    1. joey bonifacio says:


  11. Lara L. Lintao says:

    Hi Pastor Joey!

    Last night, my nephew told me that there's a prophecy about a certain disease that will start in Pangasinan. He read a blog about it that it actually happened. I'm not in the position to explain to him the medical side of the disease but one thing I told him. "Do not focus on the problem. Pray for the Solution!"

    I will not react to the message given you in case I was given one. I would have responded the way did. One reason is because in the Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25:13, it says, "Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the time or the hour."

    Being prepared in and out of season is what the Bible has been teaching us. Thank you so much for taking time share the gospel to us.

    Thanks for sharing this blog too. I'll also share this to others!

    God bless!!!

  12. Willy Lim says:

    its last week?

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