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CONVERSATIONS: “One of the greatest illusions of our day is the hurrying will buy us more time.” -John Ortberg 1. God always walked. And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. . . Genesis...

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JB Podcast-The Fine Line-week4 1280x720

Duration: 41 mins and 6s

A lot of stories out there give reference to a treasure to be found. The Bible, which is God’s Word spoken through different stories and genres, also speaks about a treasure....

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It's great that America has its Thanksgiving holiday. How wonderful it is to have a special day that isn’t focused on getting gifts, but rather giving thanks for what we already have.

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CONVERSATIONS: First of all, let’s start by saying, happiness and joy are not the same thing. Happiness is an emotion caused by external factors, such as your birthday, a holiday or a “pleasurable or satisfying experience.” Happiness is...

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JB Podcast-The Fine Line-week3 1280x720

Duration: 43 mins and 55s

Today I continue our "Fine Line" series with a message on generosity and why it pays to be generous....

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What are we to do when we are in a state of anger or grief? This is what’s been helping me, so I thought I’d share it here...

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CONVERSATIONS:    I’ve been reading a book entitled “A Great Day at the Office” by Dr. John Briffa, which had these statements in Chapter 9: “Life’s problems and challenges can sometimes cause us to be despondent or become anxious....

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JB Podcast-The Fine Line-week2 1280x720

Duration: 36 mins and 33s

Metro Manila gets really traffic around this time of the year. Now, imagine driving through its streets without any lines for car lanes, parking spaces, and the pedestrians. Chaos, right? Today we continue our “The Fine Line” series with a...

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It’s a humbling thing, when your youngest son beats you. Ten consecutive sets. It started out innocently enough. . .

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CONVERSATIONS First of all, to completely explain or understand this is difficult, because the fullness of what God knows or is capable of, is beyond the abilities of our human comprehension. God can be so much more than we can...

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JB Podcast-The Fine Line-week1 1280x720

Duration: 43 mins and 45s

Today I launch our brand new podcast series entitled “The Fine Line”. Here I talk about the first book of Timothy, finances, and “The Seven Indispensable Home Appliances for a Great Life” (trust me, they are connected)....

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What’s the secret to success? How can we raise up our children to fulfill their destiny? Here’s another secret from this Thursday series called “Secrets My Father Told me” . . .

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