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Small is big. A big movement can only get bigger if it learns to lead in tribes. It is in leading smaller units that it can become bigger than it already is. This post is all about how to to possess the land. It's one thing to attack and...

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This three-minute video will show a brief history of Victory as a movement. From our beginnings in a dilapidated basement in the University Belt, we are now one church in fifteen different locations in Metro Manila, and in over sixty cities...

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JB SM-Leadership 1280x768

Duration: 46 mins and 2s

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In 23 years of doing ministry I have seen people who never quite make it to their “Promise Land” despite being a so-called Christian. On the other hand I have seen many who have entered in and continue to enjoy God’s promises. It was not...

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JB Thursblog-Every Member a Minister 1280x768

Duration: 33 mins and 52s

Here's the third part of our Radical series. As we celebrate the thirty years of honoring God and making disciples, let's review the pillars that have created the level of growth that the Lord allowed us to have us a church....

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In honor of Victory's 30th Anniversary this year, I am re-posting an article about our church that was published in Charisma magazine in 2012. The article was written by Steve Murrel's son William. Read the whole article in...

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JB Thursblog-Evangelism 1280x768

Duration: 32 mins and 40s

Here's the second part of our Radical series. Listen to Pastor Paolo Punzalan as he talks about Evangelism as we look back at our history and rediscover what it means to be radical in this day and age....

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When banks lend money to people they check what is known as the four Cs: Character, Capacity, Collateral and Capital. Character is all about the person you are lending to. This involves the person’s integrity and history when it comes to...