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Values are simply the things we hold to be important, while core values are what we embrace as most important. Just as I said last week, the things we value are what we spend most of our time and energies on. This is why it is important to...

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CONVERSATIONS: Some people say that “Experience is the best teacher.” YOLO! (You Only Live Once) But is experience really the best teacher? Take the case of the puffer fish . . . : In an article by Agence France-Presse in Tokyo,...

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JB Podcast-Authentic Neighbor-Week 2 1280x720

Duration: 33 mins and 53s

Pastor Christian Flores continues with our “Authentic” series while I am in Indonesia. Today we look into another facet of authentic Christianity, which is love for our neighbor. While loving others is hard, the Bible tells us that we owe it...

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Next to the Bible, Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” stands as the best-selling Christian book of all time. Clearly, it resonated with a lot of people. And rightfully so, Rick’s point was crisp and clear: if we are to gain traction in...

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CONVERSATIONS: A wife asked me “Why should I submit to my husband?” The basic answer is “Because God says so.” Let’s make things clear. We’re NOT encouraging you to mindlessly submit yourself to something sinful or dangerous, or...

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JB Podcast-Authentic 1280x720

Duration: 34 mins and 37s

Our guest speaker, Dr. Stephen Mansfield, kicks off our new series entitled "Authentic". Today, our message is about authority. There's no escaping authority. We see representatives of it everywhere--in our cities, on the streets, at work, and...

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A lot of women ask my wife, Marie, "what makes a woman attractive?" Beauty is something most women struggle to achieve, in the midst of their busy schedules and the crazy advertisements that hit them daily. In this blog, Marie shares one...

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CONVERSATIONS: Q. Why is Addiction so prevalent? Do you know anyone who is an addict? Chances are, you do. We read about famous movie stars, who seemingly have all the wealth and fame, but secretly nurse a drug problem. We hear of...

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JB Podcast-Lord in the Midst of Persecution 1280x720

Duration: 35 mins and 29s

Pastor Christian Flores closes our series today in my absence. It is only natural that we like to be liked. No one wants to be hated or persecuted. However, the Bible says that persecution is part of being a disciple of Jesus. In today's...

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I  used to reprimand my son, Joseph, a lot for saying the word "stupid" when he was much younger. At that time, witty Joseph would retort "some things really are stupid!" This is why I was a bit taken aback when I read this particular blog of...

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CONVERSATIONS: Imagine that it’s your high school reunion, and you’re about to enter the party. Who are the ones you naturally veer to? Those that you shared life experiences with. Do you remember the kinds of friends you had in...

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JB Podcast-Lord over Family 1280x720

Duration: 42 mins and 8s

Sometimes, there's just no going around it: following Jesus comes with a high price. The reason for this is because there is a certain sacredness involved in putting Him above all else. Today I speak about the sacredness of being a disciple of...

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