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CONVERSATIONS:    Think of how our world would look like, if we had no sunshine. A world with no light, but living in perpetual darkness. We’d be fumbling around, groping our way in the dark. Now imagine a dark, dirty bathroom....

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JB Podcast-The Heart Truth-Week1 1280x768

Duration: 41 mins and 21s

Love. With so many sources that talk about love, what does love even mean nowadays? Today I begin our "Heart Truth" series on love....

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It’s the month of February, a season when shops leave singles and couples feeling “loveless” or “pressured”. You were perfectly fine, then come all these ads talking of romance that make you feel inadequate. Don’t give in to these marketing...

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CONVERSATIONS: Fruitful is described as having the ability to thrive, be luxuriant, have a free flow of growth and increase without really trying hard. A fruitful life therefore is one that is filled with God’s grace and favor. It wouldn't...

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JB Podcast-Dare to Believe-Week5 1280x768

Duration: 34 mins and 39s

True, audacious faith goes beyond belief. Today, Pastor Christian ends our "Dare to Believe" series with a message on serving....

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My hubby, Joey, and I have opposing personalities. He is bold and full of faith, ready to take on big challenges. I, on the other hand, sometimes suffer from “Analysis Paralysis”. I take a long time to make a decision. I am afraid of failure,...

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I'm always generous in offering compliments to deserving friends. But to offer them correction? Hmm... not my cup of tea. But if there was ever a chance I needed to do so, here's a good way to go about it. (Tip: I also provided an Action Sheet so you can apply it!)

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JB Podcast-Dare to Believe-Week4 1280x768

Duration: 38 mins and 10s

There are many promises of God in the Bible, yet most of them remain unclaimed by us. So how do we claim His promises?...

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Recently, while having lunch with a group of friends, one of them mentioned that a certain male friend—let’s call him Mr. A—was coming to town. Now, Mr. A is still a single guy. Immediately, a light bulb turned on in our heads…Hmmm . ....

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There's a known saying that goes, "good guys finish last." Does this sound familiar to you? If you feel like you've got the short end of the stick, you should hear this message.

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JB Podcast-Dare to Believe-Week3 1280x768

Duration: 39 mins and 10s

Have you ever believed for something that is taking a while to come true? Today, I talk about the faith to conquer the challenges that stand between us and receiving God's promises for our lives....

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I can’t imagine why Chen Forng –Shean, does what he does. This Taiwanese artist chooses the tiniest thing, on which to create his awesome artworks. He gets a grain of rice—yes, one grain!— and on that miniature piece, he carves and...

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