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Duration: 29 mins and 42s

Adam and Eve's first few years of life outside the Garden, including the birth of their sons speak a lot about how they tried to live a life without the pleasure of God's presence. Listen to how they managed life and illustrate something that...

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Note: Last week, we started a series on God's grace entitled, "God, Grace, and Me." If you haven't had the chance to read it, click the link for a quick read, just before going through this entry. It’s a vast concept...

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“It's one thing to be relevant and relational; it's a totally different matter to succumb to relativism. Genuine Christianity makes an unpopular stand that draws the line between the truth and a lie while remaining relevant and...

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Duration: 29 mins and 34s

Genesis 3 ends with what seems to be a very sad final act for Adam and Eve. In this message, find out why God needed to cast them out of the Garden of Eden....

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Note: This is the first of a four-part blog series that delves on the power of grace, and why God’s love and the blessings He has given to every believer is always due to His character and not out of our own performance. Results....

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Duration: 29 mins and 11s

Today, we've taken a break from going through the book of Genesis, to honor and appreciate the unique calling God has placed upon our mothers, and even on all the mother's in our community. I pray that after you listen to this message, you'll...

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If you look at the word MOM upside down, you'll find a WOW. So for Mother's Day, I'm writing this post for all moms, both birth moms and women who have inspired and coached us along the way. How to Bring out Your Inner WOW 1....

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"To rest is to enjoy. To enjoy is to rest." #TheLegoPrinciple #BookReview The LEGO Principle is available for Kindle at Amazon....

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Peter's road to following Jesus has not been an easy one. From the disciple who denied Jesus three times, to being an apostle, Peter's life is something we can all take comfort in. We can all move forward in our relationship with Jesus...

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Hi everyone! Marie here. Here's my Thursday blog post. First time I'm posting a blog as a surprise for my hubby. Yesterday, my hubby Joey had a big smile on his face. A group of EN Manila pastors and friends threw him a surprise lunch for a...

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"Clarity allows people to know exactly what to expect from an organization." - Joey Bonifacio, The Lego Principle...

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Duration: 28 mins and 10s

The second part of our message on, "The Joy of Pain," focuses on the account of Job. There is no other book in the Bible that talks extensively about pain than the book of Job. And it is my prayer that we will all learn from the faith and...


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