Posted July 20, 2017 under Blog

This is the second of a series entitled, "Leap!" In the next few weeks, we will look into the lives of people who took not just a step, but a leap of faith, and how God honored them in return. They didn’t see what was promised. They were...  Continue reading...

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Posted July 18, 2017 under Postcards

"We all trust at different levels and in different proportions." (The Lego Principle)...  Continue reading...

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Posted July 16, 2017 under Podcasts

Duration: 31 mins and 36s

As we mark the end of Genesis Chapter 4, we take a look at two words, progenitor and progeny. We will find these concepts scattered in the entire Bible. As you listen to this message, I pray that the Holy Spirit will use this Scripture to open...  Continue reading...

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Posted July 13, 2017 under Blog

Today we start a new blog series on faith. And as we progress through the next few weeks, I'm sure you'll agree why this title was chosen for the series: Leap! They didn’t see what was promised. They were flogged, beaten, and vanished. They...  Continue reading...

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Posted July 11, 2017 under Postcards

"Without trust running both ways, there can be no relationship." - The Lego Principle...  Continue reading...

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