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Last Saturday, I almost lost my coconuts. If patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, well, almost all my patience fell off. I went to a travel agency, bright and early in a mall that morning, papers in hand to apply for a visa. After FIVE...

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"Teaching the Bible is not about telling people something new that you know, but showing people how to live what you know" - Joey Bonifacio...

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Beyond The Signs_Announcement_Wide


When Jesus visited Jerusalem during the feast of the Jews, He encountered an invalid who had been waiting for a miracle for 38 years. Listen to Pastor Joey's message on how this man got so much more than the miracle he had been waiting for his...

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Hello, this is the 3 part of the series Do A Moses. You can read part one here and part 2 here. If there is one thing I (Marie) am learning from Moses life, its that he spent a lot of time in the presence of God. If you read Exodus 34:28,...

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"Evil men package bad things well. Sadly, Christians can be guilty of packaging good things badly." - Joey Bonifacio...

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MAR12_Enjoy Marriage

Duration: 29 mins and 47s

Marriage is not just a an agreement between two people. It is a covenant relationship between three parties, you, your spouse and God. And this covenant relationship is best kept by certain principles that each party keeps. Listen to Pastor...

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Last night I, Marie was in line at the supermarket cashier. A man arrived with 2 small packets of spices. Cashier: (politely) "Excuse me sir, pls use the express lane." Man: (angrily) "WHY SHOULD I?!? What if I DUMPED THIS IN A BIG...

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MAR05_Enjoy Fellowship 1280x720

Duration: 27 mins and 54s

The church is not a building or a place. It is a body of believers that Christ has called together for a purpose. Listen to Pastor Joey explain how we can enjoy God's design for fellowship and how our present technologies may be hindering us...

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Are you a whiz at computers or are you techy-challenged like me? This week, while filling up travel visa requirements, I needed to submit all forms online. When I scanned all pages of my passport and sent these, the automated response would...

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Have you ever felt like Martha when they lost Lazarus and yet Jesus had the chance to save him if He just came earlier? Watch Pastor Joey in this short video on how God comes through hopeless situations....

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Enjoy Freedom 1280x720

Duration: 23 mins

The world defines freedom quite differently from the way God used it originally in Genesis 2:16. Discover God's original intent of his people living in freedom through this message from Pastor Joey Bonifacio....


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