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How to Have Enduring Hope Throughout 2018

Enduring hope is what we will need not just to start, but to finish strong in 2018. The question is how can we have enduring hope every day, every week, and every month of the year? The answer is found in Hebrews 11:1: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hope without faith has no substance. Hope that has no substance is not true hope, but a mere wish. This is why we are often disappointed because what we think or call hope is really just a wish, something that has no basis, no reliable assurance. It's something we cannot put our confidence in.

Faith Breeds Hope.

When we insist on living our lives away from God, we reduce our hope to mere wishes. Faith is the substance of hope, therefore, the stronger our faith the stronger our hope.

This year, focus on the time-tested and proven ways to increase your faith.

First of all we must realize that faith is not a panacea pill that works wonders for us, rather faith is rooted in a relationship with God. At the very core it is designed to have confidence that we can come to Him. And since His character and words are trustworthy, this hope gives us boldness and confidence – which is the basis for our hope.

“In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” Ephesians 3:12

In other words, GO TO GOD!


Pray. Prayer is not a thing that you do but is the reality of a heart that is inclined towards God. Often the reason why we don’t pray is because we see it as a task and thing to do, rather than thinking of it as simply connecting to and with God. This dynamic of thinking changes everything. Why wouldn’t you want to connect with the wisest, strongest, most powerful, beautiful, loving, and real Person that there is?

Our lack of prayer speaks volumes. It is an attempt to make our day work without Him. Praying is simply a daily declaration that this day will not work without God.

Meditate. As previously mentioned, God’s unchangeable Word is one of the sources for hope. For His Word builds faith. The question is how often do we meditate on His Word. What does meditating on God’s Word look like?

For starters, we cannot meditate on something we don’t know. Thus, we need to read His word. Secondly, we should also listen to His Word preached, for faith comes from hearing His Word proclaimed. Meditating also includes reviewing His Word in our minds in the course of a day is also important. And lastly, to meditate means we live or act out that which we know.

Proclaim the Gospel to yourself. When was the last time you proclaimed the Gospel to yourself? Condemnation is a faith stealer. And it has but one antidote, the Gospel, for there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. No matter how bad things may be or how deep your issues are, the Gospel comes with the simple truth, that God loves you and wants you back and is well able to forgive and restore. That builds faith that gives substance to hope.

Finally, Fellowship. Faith comes as we fellowship with other believers. Faith comes as we hear the stories of others who have journeyed with God Faith comes when others pray for us and as we pray for others.

Have a Hope-filled 2018!

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