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CONVERSATIONS: I like this quote I found on the internet attributed to a man named Nido Qubein: “Are you a thermometer or a thermostat? A thermometer only reflects the temperature of its environment . . . But a thermostat initiates...

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CONVERSATIONS: Many of us want to know how to hear God . Maybe we have a decision to make, or a problem to solve, and we want to make sure we are doing the right thing. Here are 3 things you can ask yourself in order to hear God...

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CONVERSATIONS: Q. How do I respond to Ungodly Messages in Media? “The most obvious drawback of social media is that they are aggressive distractions.”  - Bill Keller Whether it’s news about the latest celebrity scandal or a...

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CONVERSATIONS: Q. What do I do when my feelings are hurt? - It’s a family reunion, and your aunt thoughtlessly comments: “What’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you married yet? “ - Your parents have favorite children, and it’s obvious...

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CONVERSATIONS: Is it too late to change my situation? Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock and undo things you’ve done in the past? Regret is a powerful thing. Imagine Moses at 120 years old. That’s a lot of years to...

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CONVERSATIONS: Question: Should a Woman be Strong? The answer is “Absolutely!” The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “ strength” this way: Strength: : the quality or state of being physically strong : the ability to resist...

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CONVERSATIONS: Why Is it so Hard to Talk to Teenagers? No longer a child but not yet an adult. It is these in between years that have puzzled and challenged many parents. Isn’t it comforting to know that the word of God has effect on all...

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CONVERSATIONS: Q. Why is Purity so Important? Check out these ads below: “For sale: Second-hand Toothbrush. Slightly Used.” “For sale : Drinking Water/ only 90% Pure.” Have you ever seen commercials like those? Neither have I. TV...

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CONVERSATIONS: Some people say that “Experience is the best teacher.” YOLO! (You Only Live Once) But is experience really the best teacher? Take the case of the puffer fish . . . : In an article by Agence France-Presse in Tokyo,...

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CONVERSATIONS: A wife asked me “Why should I submit to my husband?” The basic answer is “Because God says so.” Let’s make things clear. We’re NOT encouraging you to mindlessly submit yourself to something sinful or dangerous, or...

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CONVERSATIONS: Q. Why is Addiction so prevalent? Do you know anyone who is an addict? Chances are, you do. We read about famous movie stars, who seemingly have all the wealth and fame, but secretly nurse a drug problem. We hear of...

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CONVERSATIONS: Imagine that it’s your high school reunion, and you’re about to enter the party. Who are the ones you naturally veer to? Those that you shared life experiences with. Do you remember the kinds of friends you had in...

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