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CONVERSATIONS: From the video, we learned how we are to claim God's promises in our lives. But why is it important to do so? You see, the moment we invite Christ to be the Lord and Savior of our lives, change is expected to happen in us....

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CONVERSATIONS: Have you ever been caught off-guard and pulled into a conversation on a controversial issue? How did you respond? Looking back, was it the kind of response you would have wanted to make? How would you have adjusted your...

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CONVERSATIONS: People often go through life fearful of what tomorrow might bring. To minimize the pains or failures we fear, we tend to find ways to explain or take control of the things that happen to us. One of the ways people do that is...

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CONVERSATIONS: At no point does anyone look forward to the pain of tragedy in his life. But when calamities overtake us, how should we respond? Our response can affect what it will make of us. What we know about tragedies should help us...

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CONVERSATIONS: The world dismisses the Bible as an ancient book filled with stories that are so far removed from our current time that makes it irrelevant for the modern man. But God's word is living and active. And even if it speaks of...

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Note: In the video, Pastor Joey quoted Romans 3:23 from the English Standard Version. He mentioned Romans 2 and the slide also reflected Romans 2, when it should have been Romans 3. Our apologies for the...

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CONVERSATIONS If we want to live purposefully, we need to develop habits based on our values and principles. Otherwise, our days will be led by the dictates of our whims or pressures from others -- much like how the Psalmist describes...

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CONVERSATIONS: When it comes to the issue of what the Bible teaches about prosperity, there are two extreme points of view: one that says that the Bible does not teach it at all, and the other that makes prosperity the main facet of God's...

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CONVERSATIONS: Every generation possesses unique characteristics that have been shaped by historical, cultural and technological developments, as well as by their reaction to previous generations. This is why we have Baby Boomers, Gen Xers,...

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CONVERSATIONS Many couples enter marriage with no expectation that the emotional high that they feel during the wedding can (and will) eventually grow cold and run dry. When this happens, disillusionment can set in. Indeed, making a...

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CONVERSATIONS: Even the most well-meaning Christian can feel awkward about sharing their faith, but there are ways to deal with whatever uncertainty we might have that keep us from doing so. We can't let our fears hinder us. We need to obey...

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CONVERSATIONS "If God is loving, why does He send people to hell?" It is that picture, sometimes, of "God sending people to hell" that keeps people from trusting Him. We ask, "Isn't He too loving to do that?" But if God would not punish...

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