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When the holiday rush is upon us - with holiday traffic, parties and concerns of what to wear or what to serve -- the thought of Christmas becomes a source of stress rather than the joyful commemoration of God fulfilling His promise to send...

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CONVERSATIONS: We all fear something. It is natural for us. But not all are beneficial. Fear of man and the circumstances around us will make us worry and take our mind off of God's ability. Fear of man will prove to be a snare,but...

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Have you ever been the object of someone's jealousy? We have often heard of stories of jealous rages among lovers, resulting in harm and even death; or maybe among competitors in politics, business and competitions who resort to disparaging...

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CONVERSATIONS: God expects us as believers to grow in knowing His will, but to do so involves us being transformed by the renewal of our minds (Rom. 12:2). This includes learning to anchor our lives on the truth of God's Word, and giving up...

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CONVERSATIONS: Keeping in mind that Halloween can be an opportunity to engage your kids and others about God, what topics of conversation can naturally rise out of this...

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CONVERSATIONS: Rules are intended to keep things in check and foster order in society. Most rules are good, and many, if not most, are not meant to be broken. But is it ever time to rethink the rules? This is what sets apart the...

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When we sense that an injustice has been done to us, it is very easy for us to react. But as believers bearing the name of Christ, we have a reason to choose our behaviour. Look up 1 Peter 2 in your Bible. What reasons are given in 1 Peter...

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How long have you been in a relationship with the Lord? How would you describe your life in Him at present? Encircle the point in this continuum about how you feel about your Christian life: leaves much to be desired...

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The struggle to pray every day is a reality for some, if not many. Some consider it a chore, or even a fruitless exercise. Do you ever struggle with having to pray daily? But for the Christian, prayer does a lot. It anchors our perspective...

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CONVERSATIONS: Have you ever seen anyone as too hopeless for salvation? Someone you care about but seems too difficult, cynical, hard-headed or hard-hearted, too different; or someone you consider as too "bad" or too "good", too "up there"...

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CONVERSATIONS: The immediacy of this present life, the tangibility of this world, and our separation from God (Isaiah 59:2)--these are the most possible reasons why the idea of eternal life does not appeal to many of us. And yet, there...

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CONVERSATIONS: Have you been facing a crisis lately? Do your finances look bleak? Is your health or a loved one's facing challenges that seem too great to overcome? Is your marriage, family or other relationships facing a major crisis? If...

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