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ANC - Many of us remember Legos, those timeless, colorful building bricks that took up hours of our childhood. Now, who would have thought that they would make a poignant metaphor for building a relationship with God?

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It was four thirty in the morning when I was awakened by an unusual creaking in my hotel room. I thought I was dreaming in surround sound or I was snoring too loud I woke myself up. Then I realized my room was shaking. It’s bad enough that my room was claustrophobically tiny now it was shaking at the 6.5 intensity quake.

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Just landed last night in Orlando. Jet lagged and getting ready for a week long conference. After 24 hours of driving to the airport, immigrations and security lines, Manila-Tokyo-Detroit- Orlando flights, I needed to take my usual Monday reboot. Back in the 1980s it was author Gordon MacDonald who helped me value taking day-offs seriously regardless of where I find myself.

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I've always wondered why the people of the kingdom of God shyly use marketing. And companies like Coca-cola and Procter and Gamble maximize its benefits. My guess is Christians have a negative vibe with what the word marketing connotes and as such avoid it altogether. In simplest terms marketing is all about a presentation of values. Sadly products that have limited value are so well presented that they are the ones that get consumed. While the offerings of the Kingdom, love, joy, peace, patience get sidelined for lack of marketing.

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Today was also Real Life Foundation's annual graduation celebrations. Real Life is Victory's benevolence arm. The picture above is with high school graduates from Taguig City with Lynn Nawata (on my right), Real Life's Executive Director. Also in picture is Ethel Neo (on my left) of Deloitte, Singapore who is a Real Life volunteer and supporter.

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Carla Peralejo Bonifacio (left) our daughter in law just graduated from University yesterday.

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Landed in Cape Town last night from Pretoria. Keeping the Sabbath day holy in Cape Town. Unlike most Mondays this day of rest was unique. Had an early morning walk with Marie at the Victoria and Albert Breakwater. Love that beautiful sky - inspires you to pray.

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On our last two days at Zebula Marie and I enjoyed a quad bike tour of the animals in the park. We also had a chance to go on a Safari tour at Mabalingwe Nature Reserve which is next door to Zebula. Picture below is with Cheetah named Jane, Tarzan's sister. These baby Cheetahs are friendly enough to be petted - I think...still got all my fingers.

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Zebula Game Park and Resort was the site for the 2012 GKPN meeting. For the last three years I have been privileged to attend this gathering of leaders from five continents.

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