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I missed my regular Monday morning post yesterday as I have been in transit from Melbourne. I have decided to re-post Joseph's (my son) great post "God told me..." I believe it will help all of us hear from God and grow in His ways. Happy reading.

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Here's a video that captures the reality of how digital technology is changing our world as we know it. Yet it also conveys that some things are hard to change, will never change or are simply timeless. Watch, see and laugh. (Please refresh to upload video)

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Call it intuition, call it instinct but there's a nagging sense in me that says "church is messy." To be clear what I mean by that is simply "untidy," not perfect, can be disorderly. Even as a young man I was always suspicious of things that looked too tidy, too perfect - too sanitized, too Stepford Wives.

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Check out our Every Nation Building Phase 2 Project Update for the month of April! In behalf of all the pastors and leaders of Every Nation, thank you for jumping in with us, praying in faith, and partnering with us as we prepare for the...

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Last Sunday I was unable to preach at my usual Sunday services at the Fort. My allergy devolved into a cough and a full blown infection. I was in pain. I also stayed home to recover and to do an initial pack for my early Monday morning flight to Tokyo and then to Dallas. In the afternoon I headed with Marie for Tagaytay to attend a wedding.

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Excavation on the Every Nation Building Phase 2 began last January 28, 2013. In this video update, Every Nation founder Pastor Steve Murrell shares the latest developments on the dig and encourages us all to focus on our vision for why we are...

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I had lunch with Joe and Ann Onosai on our last day in Hawaii. Joe was a Samoan tribal prince who studied in Hawaii. At one time he was a top draft pick of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys. After an injury Joe poured his competitive juices to the World's Strongest Man Competition where he was twice a finalist in the 1990's. Joe also came out in a Hollywood action movie alongside Steven Segal.

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Last Monday I walked by this secluded beach in Ko Olina in Hawaii. Without the clean soft breeze, the chirping birds, the sound of waves splashing on the rocks, and the scent of the blue ocean... pictures like this are... well...just pictures.

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This year was special like every year. It has been an amazing year of God’s presence. Here are my Top 10 things to thank God for in 2012:

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Thank you Charisma Media for all the great work you have done for The LEGO Principle.

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Last Oct 23-25, we are privileged to host the leaders of our Everynation Asia. We have a total of 276 participants who came to the event. We are grateful also for those who volunteered to help with the registration, preparation and welcoming of our guests, and even lend their personal cars to pick up and service our delegates. Thank you!

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