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Every Start Up has a Risk, Including this Year from Joey Bonifacio on Vimeo. Father, teach me to love the way You love me." Then help me go out and live each day loving others this way. I know it is not natural to me. And that many times I...  Continue reading...

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I pray that you start the year 2014 keeping in mind that all good things start from humble beginnings. And yet by faith believe that despite how humble our start up is God will fulfill His promises to us.

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This is the last of a three-part series of videos on Christmas Traditions which was produced by Victory Fort. This last videos features Paolo and Jenn Punzalan as they explain their family's own Christmas traditions. Enjoy....  Continue reading...

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This video features my wife Marie and some key thoughts on how to enhance your Christmas Traditions. The video was produced by Victory Fort and is being reposted here....  Continue reading...

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Traditions have their place in our lives. They bring a semblance of continuity. It is when we lose the essence of a tradition, which originally was for a good reason, that they lose their meaning. This is true of long held Christmas...  Continue reading...

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Thank you for standing with us the past twelve months in training leaders and transforming nations! Please watch our December update video....  Continue reading...

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Almost a tradition here at Victory Fort, the pastors, campus ministers and staff have taken the time to greet each one, a blessed Christmas, this time, with a splash of some old forgotten photos that truly brings a deluge of memories. And mark...  Continue reading...

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...  Continue reading...

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Sunrise - Janina Vela from Aliza Pauline Buluran on Vimeo. Sunrise. A song written and sung by 14 year old Janina Punzalan, daughter of my good friend and co-pastor Paolo Punzalan. Together with students from Victory Fort Janina produced...  Continue reading...

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Pastor Gilbert Foliente, senior pastor of Victory U-Belt, a church in the Philippines reaching out to students of key colleges in Manila's University Belt, shares the November update for the Every Nation Building Phase 2....  Continue reading...

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Ruth Ramirez, wife of Victory Tacloban's pastor Eugene Ramirez has finally arrived in Manila. This video is Ruth's recounting of the recent Tacloban disaster and how God spared their family. It is also brings to fore the reality of the...  Continue reading...

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In this final part of our series on values, my prayer is that the gospel becomes the foundation of your soul. And that you realize that God is infinitely the most valuable than any other thing on earth. And that He so valued you that He gave...  Continue reading...