Posted April 2, 2017 under Podcasts

Duration: 30 mins and 57s

We are in a fight. We may not feel it every waking moment, but the truth is, our enemy is always on the lookout for a chance to devour us. Knowing our enemy's tactics is winning half the battle. Learn how we can walk free from condemnation in...  Continue reading...

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Posted March 30, 2017 under Blog

For many of us, the mere thought of work makes us cringe. A lot of people actually go through the work week just to get to the weekend. But there is dignity and blessing in labor. Our God Himself worked and took delight in His work (Gen....  Continue reading...

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Posted March 28, 2017 under Postcards

"Grace comes from One Source, but takes on many forms." - Joey Bonifacio...  Continue reading...

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Posted March 26, 2017 under Podcasts

Beyond The Signs_Announcement_Wide


One of the most memorable miracles Jesus did during his ministry was to feed more than five thousand people after a sermon. Listen to the message of Pastor Steve and find out if you too missed the point of Jesus miracle....  Continue reading...

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Posted March 23, 2017 under Blog

Last Saturday, I almost lost my coconuts. If patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, well, almost all my patience fell off. I went to a travel agency, bright and early in a mall that morning, papers in hand to apply for a visa. After FIVE...  Continue reading...

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