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The city of Iloilo is the site of one of the fastest growing Victory church in the Philippines. Tucked away in one of the islands of Panay in the Visayas.

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Victory Malate started the year with an early kick-off. My flight from Iloilo landed on time to make a quick change and head for the meeting.

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Steve Ruetschle is the senior pastor of the Union Church of Manila. I invited him to speak to us during our last day of prayer and fasting. The day we designated for personal breakthroughs.

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Every year Every Nation churches worldwide start the year with seven days of prayer and fasting. For more than a decade now the Lord has graced my family to enjoy this long lost spiritual discipline - interestingly over the years the practice has become something we look forward to. That's not to say that we have become experts at it but it is to say that there is something far more beautiful and beneficial that we receive every time we do it. And this year is no different.

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Day four of the fast was spent praying for the nation of the Philippines. Picture above shows former congressman Ruffy Biazon, who recently became the Director of the Bureau of Customs, a seriously tough post. Ruffy is a long time member of Victory, long before he went into politics. The other person in the picture praying with me is councilor Julian Coseteng of Quezon City.

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No I am not in London. I'm starting the year reading Tim Keller's book but wanted a more colorful reminder and not just post a book cover - title of the book is "King's Cross."

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Thrive-Week1 1280x720

Duration: 32 mins and 49s

In our “Thrive” series, we’ll know more about the lasting effects of what Jesus did on the cross: a life of victory over our sin and living a full life according to God’s ways....

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Day one of the annual seven days of prayer and fasting. Every Nation's annual gathering of churches worldwide. It is a moment to consecrate oneself before the Lord and to seek Him. It is also a moment to acknowledge that God is at the center of our lives and that apart from Him life does not work.

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Marie celebrates her birthday with the girls again. Happy birthday Sweetie. Almost every year Marie's birthday coincides with our annual prayer and fast, this year we had one more big meal and ice cream. Here's the old video of your surprise party last January 4, 2009.

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On December 17, 2011 the cities of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in Mindanao (Southern tip of the Philippines) was hit by a terrible typhoon that killed dozens of people and knocked down power lines and displaced tens of thousands of people.

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The Christmas season in the Philippines starts in November and lazily ends in January. Filipinos love to eat and have fun. Part of the reason for the never ending season is the number of Filipinos who live overseas and come home to the familiar easy going holiday season – there’s nothing quite like it in the world.

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It's been almost four years since I stopped blogging. The reason is because I have been writing a book that is to be published in the United States in September. Between my day job and the added project blogging was just undoable.

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