Posted May 11, 2017 under Blog

If you look at the word MOM upside down, you'll find a WOW. So for Mother's Day, I'm writing this post for all moms, both birth moms and women who have inspired and coached us along the way. How to Bring out Your Inner WOW 1....  Continue reading...

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Posted May 9, 2017 under Postcards

"To rest is to enjoy. To enjoy is to rest." #TheLegoPrinciple #BookReview The LEGO Principle is available for Kindle at Amazon....  Continue reading...

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Posted May 7, 2017 under Podcasts


Peter's road to following Jesus has not been an easy one. From the disciple who denied Jesus three times, to being an apostle, Peter's life is something we can all take comfort in. We can all move forward in our relationship with Jesus...  Continue reading...

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Posted May 4, 2017 under Blog

Hi everyone! Marie here. Here's my Thursday blog post. First time I'm posting a blog as a surprise for my hubby. Yesterday, my hubby Joey had a big smile on his face. A group of EN Manila pastors and friends threw him a surprise lunch for a...  Continue reading...

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Posted May 2, 2017 under Postcards

"Clarity allows people to know exactly what to expect from an organization." - Joey Bonifacio, The Lego Principle...  Continue reading...

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