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"Grace comes from One Source, but takes on many forms." - Joey Bonifacio...

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Beyond The Signs_Announcement_Wide


One of the most memorable miracles Jesus did during his ministry was to feed more than five thousand people after a sermon. Listen to the message of Pastor Steve and find out if you too missed the point of Jesus miracle....

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Last Saturday, I almost lost my coconuts. If patience is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, well, almost all my patience fell off. I went to a travel agency, bright and early in a mall that morning, papers in hand to apply for a visa. After FIVE...

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"Teaching the Bible is not about telling people something new that you know, but showing people how to live what you know" - Joey Bonifacio...

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Beyond The Signs_Announcement_Wide


When Jesus visited Jerusalem during the feast of the Jews, He encountered an invalid who had been waiting for a miracle for 38 years. Listen to Pastor Joey's message on how this man got so much more than the miracle he had been waiting for his...

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Hello, this is the 3 part of the series Do A Moses. You can read part one here and part 2 here. If there is one thing I (Marie) am learning from Moses life, its that he spent a lot of time in the presence of God. If you read Exodus 34:28,...

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"Evil men package bad things well. Sadly, Christians can be guilty of packaging good things badly." - Joey Bonifacio...

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MAR12_Enjoy Marriage

Duration: 29 mins and 47s

Marriage is not just a an agreement between two people. It is a covenant relationship between three parties, you, your spouse and God. And this covenant relationship is best kept by certain principles that each party keeps. Listen to Pastor...

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Last night I, Marie was in line at the supermarket cashier. A man arrived with 2 small packets of spices. Cashier: (politely) "Excuse me sir, pls use the express lane." Man: (angrily) "WHY SHOULD I?!? What if I DUMPED THIS IN A BIG...

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MAR05_Enjoy Fellowship 1280x720

Duration: 27 mins and 54s

The church is not a building or a place. It is a body of believers that Christ has called together for a purpose. Listen to Pastor Joey explain how we can enjoy God's design for fellowship and how our present technologies may be hindering us...

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Are you a whiz at computers or are you techy-challenged like me? This week, while filling up travel visa requirements, I needed to submit all forms online. When I scanned all pages of my passport and sent these, the automated response would...

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