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CONVERSATIONS: When God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses, the first 4 commandments talk about the ways we Honor God. (our highest vertical relationship). The next Commandments instruct us how we can Honor One Another (horizontal...

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JB Podcast-Apostle's Creed 1280x768

Duration: 40 mins and 13s

What's there to celebrate on Easter? Today, I answer this question by talking about the reality, relevance, reward of Easter for every Christian out there. Hint: it's got nothing to do with bunnies, eggs, or baskets. Click here to listen to my...

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I chanced upon this article written by Robert Herriman on March 22, 2016: "Holy Week in the Philippines: Health officials tell people who practice self-flagellation and crucifixion to get tetanus shot"*

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CONVERSATIONS: I have prayers, which I'm still waiting for God to answer. I'm sure you have some too. Why is waiting, such a challenge for us? It's because man's concept of time, is different from the way God views time. Man...

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JB Podcast-Apostle's Creed 1280x768

Duration: 45 mins and 13s

Today I answer the question "Why did Jesus have to die for me?" as part of our series the "Apostle's Creed". You can listen to my message here....

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"I need my Milo today!" so goes the slogan of the popular chocolate-malt drink that is sold worldwide. Did you know that it was inspired by a legendary Greek figure? Milo of Croton was known as the greatest Greek wrestler in ancient times...

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CONVERSATIONS: Boredom is defined as: "the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest." There are days when we can become tired physically, emotionally and spiritually. When you find yourself getting weary in your...

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JB Podcast-Apostle's Creed 1280x768

Duration: 42 mins and 38s

In this day and age of mass production and instant technology, is it fair to say that the church is now being commoditized? Pastor Paolo Punzalan answers this question as we continue our series "Apostles' Creed". You can listen and apply this...

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A certain son of mine, likes to put me on the spot, by asking challenging questions. He would pick the most horrible, most notorious criminal in the news, and ask: Anonymous son: Mom, which one would you rather see in heaven? Mr. X, a...

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CONVERSATIONS: Q. How Do I Love someone who drives me nuts? Definition: To drive someone crazy, or to be annoyed or irritated by someones behavior. "That person just drives me nuts!" Maybe its someone's different point of view...

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JB Podcast-Apostle's Creed 1280x768

Duration: 28 mins and 22s

The work of the Holy Spirit can be explained in the context of two simple yet crucial words. Click here to listen to Pastor Steve Murrell's as he continues our series "The Apostle's Creed"....

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There is a best selling book that has been blogged about a lot. Written by a Japanese author, it talks of a Konmari method as a way of keeping your home clean, organized and junk-free. If you're wondering whether to dispose or keep an item,...

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