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CONVERSATIONS It was Ravi Zacharias that once said that, all of life is pain management. Pain management, and other words like suffering, tolerating, and bearing is what most people associate the phrase denying yourself to. But denying...

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JB Podcast-Rise and Fall 1280x768

Duration: 39 mins and 25s

What does every leader need? Today Pastor Paolo Punzalan explores three prerequisites to effective leadership as part of our "Rise and Fall" series....

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While I am undecided among the presidential candidates, there are three convictions that I hold firmly. Their relevance goes beyond May 9 and into the rest of our lives. Here's my son Joseph's blog about election.

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CONVERSATIONS Too many options, too little time. The world has become a commodity of sorts-you just have too many options to choose from! Sometimes it doesnt even make life easier; just a little bit more confusing. Lets say you're at...

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JB Podcast-Rise and Fall 1280x768

Duration: 41 mins and 31s

What makes great leaders fall? Join us as we continue the "Rise and Fall" series with a message from Pastor Paolo Punzalan....

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Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable. Hebrews 4:13 Have you ever been conned by a con man? When I saw this poor old man, I felt so sorry...

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CONVERSATIONS 1. What do you see? He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted. Job 5: 9 A lot of times, we don't see miracles happening in our lives because either we are looking at the wrong things, or...

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JB Podcast-Rise and Fall 1280x768

Duration: 47 mins and 47s

If you're voting in May, you wouldn't want to miss our new "Rise and Fall" series. Catch the first message here....

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In my perfect world, I will never make a mistake. My husband and I will never have a disagreement. My kids will be straight A students all their academic life; they'll never have a meltdown. After which, they will all impact the world for...

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CONVERSATIONS: Be it getting up to go to work, or stopping at the red light., doing the right thing, doesnt come easy, all the time. But we do it anyway, knowing its for our own good. So how do we develop the ability to obey God? 1....

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JB Podcast-Apostle's Creed 1280x768

Duration: 44 mins and 48s

Eternity. When you think of that word, do you get excited or scared? Today I talk about having a healthy view of eternity (which can make you either more excited or scared). You can catch my message here....

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This is a question I'm asked every time the elections come. A similar question people ask is, "Pastor, who should I vote for?"

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