Posted February 15, 2017 under Videos

1. In your difficult situation, have you considered that God has other options available for Him that are not possible for you to do? How do you trust God more to believe that He has your...  Continue reading...

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Posted February 12, 2017 under Podcasts

Enjoy Boundaries 1280x720

Duration: 37 mins and 21s

Boundaries are usually treated with negative feelings as it limits people. But God has set our boundary lines so that we could experience total freedom. Listen to Pastor Joey's message on how we could enjoy our boundaries....  Continue reading...

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Posted February 9, 2017 under Blog

Philip has the sweetest temperament. He is kind to all babies. Very sweet and affectionate to his mom and me. And he takes pleasure in making his mom happy. That's why it's really jarring when he loses his temper. Our sweet, even-tempered...  Continue reading...

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Posted February 7, 2017 under Videos

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. JOHN 10:10 1.Have you taken into account what are the things that the enemy has been stealing from you? (peace, joy, health,...  Continue reading...

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Posted February 5, 2017 under Podcasts

enjoy rest

Duration: 32 mins and 55s

If we could decide how many rest days we need to cope with life, how many would we ask for? Could it be that it's not how many days we need but how we spend our rest days? Find out how God intended us to spend our Sabbath days in this message....  Continue reading...

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