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CONVERSATIONS: When it comes to the issue of what the Bible teaches about prosperity, there are two extreme points of view: one that says that the Bible does not teach it at all, and the other that makes prosperity the main facet of God's...

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JB Podcast-TEN Perfect Law 1280x768-W9

Duration: 42 mins and 23s

Did you know that Jesus has internet access? It's unlimited and unblockable. If he were to view your profile today, what would he say about your posts? Catch Pastor Paolo Punzalan as he delivers the ninth part of our "Ten" series here....

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"In Lystra there sat a man who was lame.He had been that way from birth and had never walked..." Acts 14:8 Do you have 20/20 vision? I don't. Joey just had an eye check up last week and he's got great eyes. I, on the other hand, grew up, a...

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CONVERSATIONS: Every generation possesses unique characteristics that have been shaped by historical, cultural and technological developments, as well as by their reaction to previous generations. This is why we have Baby Boomers, Gen Xers,...

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JB Podcast-TEN Perfect Law 1280x768-W8

Duration: 42 mins and 45s

What's interesting about the eight commandment is that it touches the heart of the all other commandments. So if you think you've never stolen anything in your entire life, this might come as a shock to you. Catch Pastor Paolo Punzalan as he...

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Our dear friend Deborah Murrell has finally started her own blog: Pearls, Passion and Prayer. Here's the link to the site: In the meantime, I have reposted her latest entry below - On Loving What You Do and Doing What...

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CONVERSATIONS Many couples enter marriage with no expectation that the emotional high that they feel during the wedding can (and will) eventually grow cold and run dry. When this happens, disillusionment can set in. Indeed, making a...

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JB Podcast-TEN Perfect Law 1280x768-W7 copy

Duration: 50 mins and 11s

A couple of weeks ago, Pastor Paolo Punzalan talked about the commandment that brings a blessing to whoever obeys it. This week, I talk about the commandment that summons curses to those who disobey it. Join me as I continue with our "Ten"...

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There is a story of a robber who broke into a house, and stole some valuables. He was easily caught because he charged his cell phone in that house, then forgot to unplug it and bring it! Dumb, right? It was easy for the police to trace him...

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CONVERSATIONS: Even the most well-meaning Christian can feel awkward about sharing their faith, but there are ways to deal with whatever uncertainty we might have that keep us from doing so. We can't let our fears hinder us. We need to obey...

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JB Podcast-TEN Perfect Law 1280x768-W6 copy 2

Duration: 31 mins and 44s

Murder, in the Biblical context, is not limited to a premeditated act of taking another's life. In fact, most of us have unknowingly committed murder at one point of our lives. Pastor Christian Flores explains this concept in today "Ten"...

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Sometimes the way you understand a certain concept influences how much of it you get to apply in your life. In fact, having the wrong perspective of the harder topics make these topics seem far-fetched, idealistic, and even impossible to...

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