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CONVERSATIONS: At no point does anyone look forward to the pain of tragedy in his life. But when calamities overtake us, how should we respond? Our response can affect what it will make of us. What we know about tragedies should help us...

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Duration: 32 mins and 39s

In the midst of everything going on, where does Jesus fit in the story of your life? Today Pastor Steve Murrell delivers a message on Christ's preeminence as he continues the series "All and Nothing."...

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Have you ever struggled on how to pray? Let me share with you a simple way that has helped me pray, be it in the morning, or as you go about your day. It involves four words I formed into the acronym...

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CONVERSATIONS: The world dismisses the Bible as an ancient book filled with stories that are so far removed from our current time that makes it irrelevant for the modern man. But God's word is living and active. And even if it speaks of...

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JB Podcast-All & Nothing 1280x720

Duration: 44 mins and 49s

What did Christ's death on the cross actually do for us? This is what we will talk about in our new series "All and Nothing". Catch Pastor Paolo Punzalan as he brings us the first message of the series here....

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As I tried to write this blog, I am hearing Mary Poppins sing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," loudly playing, for perhaps the 20th time. It happens to be my 2 year old grandson Philip's song of choice these days. And we play it...

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Note: In the video, Pastor Joey quoted Romans 3:23 from the English Standard Version. He mentioned Romans 2 and the slide also reflected Romans 2, when it should have been Romans 3. Our apologies for the...

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JB Podcast-Game Changer 1280x720

Duration: 43 mins and 19s

How much change can one young person bring to the world? Tune into our campus weekend, where we look into the life of an eight year old king named Josiah....

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I, Marie, did not vote for our current president. So upon his installation as President, I could respond in two ways: narrow or supportive. I could go on social media and be a critic of the government's every move. Or I can celebrate the...

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CONVERSATIONS If we want to live purposefully, we need to develop habits based on our values and principles. Otherwise, our days will be led by the dictates of our whims or pressures from others -- much like how the Psalmist describes...

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JB Podcast-TEN Perfect Law 1280x768-W10 copy

Duration: 39 mins and 18s

When you stumble across your friend's social media profile, how do you usually react? Your answer to this is exactly what I'll be talking about today, as I land the "Ten" series. Catch the full message here....

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"Courage is fear that has said its prayers.: It was 10:45 pm on a Wednesday evening. There was a slight drizzle, as I made my way to the car. It was going to be my first time to drive alone, from SLEX (South Luzon Express way) to my home in...

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