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“I've known Joey since he was a young boy. He has written an exceptional book that refocuses Christians back into disciple making. This book cannot be ignored and must be read by Christians of all stripes. After reading the truths in his book, I wish I had another ninety years to be able to go and make disciples.”
- Fr. Luis Candelaria, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

“Without doubt, discipleship is the missing ingredient in Christianity today. In the LEGO Principle Joey Bonifacio gets us back to the basic  building blocks for making disciples. Joey is  a leading practitioner in discipleship, as his church in the Philippines so powerfully demonstrates. This book could spark a revolution.”
-Mark Conner, Citylife Church, Melbourne Australia

“The first time I met Joey Bonifacio was at a conference. He instantly won my trust and that of my Rusian colleagues. Inspired by his message , one of our pastors moved to Manila for a six-month internship. The message of this book is virally winning the trust of thousands of young leaders.”
Lance Corley, International Teams, Moscow

“After twenty five years of publishing Christian literature, I have read countless manuscripts and books. Joey Bonifacio's The LEGO Principle was something unexpected. It's rich, inspiring, and life changing, so much so that I read it twice. If you only read one book this year - make sure it's this one.”
- Keith Danby, International Bible Society, London

“Who would ever think that the simple LEGO blocks could be the inspiration for a book on discipling and leaders? LEGOs - small, simple pieces of plastic for making connections for simple and/or intricate things. The LEGO Principle, simple but for making connections by and with people. Read this book to see how "simple" this is."
- John Dettoni, Chrysalis Ministries, San Clemente, California

“I am thankful that my friend Joey Bonifacio has taken one of the main messages of his life and has put it into well-researched, biblical, and easy -to-understand book. The LEGO Principle is based on many years of practical disciple making that I have seen work in Japan and all over the world. Make sure you read this book!”
- Scott Douma, Grace Bible CHurch, Yokohama Japan

“Joey Bonifacio has  a knack of combining simplicity with depth. In the LEGO Principle he brings to life the power of discipleship and relationship. He is not merely theorizing because he lives the truth of his book  everyday. It is engrained in the church he leads. The church in America would do well to learn from him.”
- Bryan Dwyer, Alpine Church, Salt Lake City Utah

"Discipleship is Relationship”  is the life-changing truth Joey taught us in a London pub. It has shaped our ministry ever since. The LEGO Principle skillfully articulates the essential building blocks for the world changing mission Christ has called us to. Armed with this truth, the potential of Christianity is limitless!
- Wolfi Eckleben, Every Nation Church, London

"The LEGO Principle is a good reminder to all Christians that discipleship is not the work of a few career ministers but the responsibility of every single believer. Intelligent. Intuitive. Simple. Precise and practical as LEGO itself. I love this book."
- Darrell Green, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Washington DC

"The LEGO Principle is a practical and theologically accurate tool for all Christians. Joey is a man who has practiced and proven the principles of building and multiplying disciples in one of the largest churches in the world. The clear message of this book is anyone can make disciples and everyone should."
- Joel Hunter, Northland: A Church Distributed, Longwood Florida

"I first encountered Joey Bonifacio in his blog. "Discipleship is Relationship." The concepts he has brought  forth  were not just out of the box but were also biblical and proven in day-to-day church life. The LEGO Principle shows Christians a simple way to face complex challenges in discipelship without being simplistic."
- David Lim, Lausanne Congress, Manila

"Every so often a book comes along that grows from the soul of an author who lives his message, who writes from the core of who he is, what he knows, and what he has accomplished. Joey Bonifacio is this kind of author. The LEGO Principle is this kind of book. Let the words of this rising global leader change the way you live.
- Stephen Mansfield, NY Best-Selling Author, The Mansfield Group, Washington DC

"The LEGO Principle taps into the most beautiful of all the basics; we just go deeper and stronger. Joey Bonifacio calls us back to the "beautiful basics;  that invites us to a deep renewal of love for Jesus' s way. I love this book!"
- Floyd Mc Clung, All Nations, Cape Town South Africa

"My very good friend and a leader I look to, Joey Bonifacio rocks. He is the real deal. His greatest strength is in raising disciples and leaders who are secure in their relationship with Jesus. His book The LEGO Principle will inspire you to enjoy connecting to God and with one another. A voice to a generation, you must read this book."
- Rachel Ong, Managing Partner, ROHEI, Singapore

"In The LEGO Principle Joey Bonifacio shows us a better way to build genuine connections. Read this book to discover how a crowd turns into a church that produces genuine New Testament disciples who make a difference in their community and our world."
- Larry Osborne, North Coast san Diego

"The LEGO Principle is rooted in the nitty-gritty day-to-day living out of Christianity in the local church. More importantly it is deeply rooted in the truth of Scripture. Joey Bonifacio has written an important book for our times. Read it and be challenged to serve Jesus by making disciples."
- Darrin Patrick, Acts 29 Network, St. Louis

"What an enjoyable and beneficial read. theologically solid. Insightful. Practical. Inspiring. As I read The LEGO Principle, I found myself wanting others I care about to read it as well. Do yourself a favor and read this book, then go and follow the practical convictions you will find in it."
- Randy Pope, Perimeter Church, Atlanta

"The LEGO Principle will help Christians in the pews be disciples who make disciples. It is an important book that will shape the future of the ministry of making disciples. Joey is not just an author; he is a living example of his book. He is also my friend, coach and a vital consultant on church growth through discipleship."
- Mark Ramsey, Citipointe,  Brisbane Austalia

"For over seventeen years Joey has shared with me many simple yet profound nuggets of truth about discipleship. In The LEGO Principle he makes it available for all to read. From these truths their church Victory has grown from a few to tens of thousands and is today one of the world's fastest growing churches."
- Gordon Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"Joey Bonifacio's delightful book The LEGO Principle answers two questions in relationship to the church. Our business? Discipleship. How's business? Not so great. This book is destined to change the future of discipleship. As a result it will change the direction of churches and impact our world."
- Harold J. Sala, PhD, Guidelines International Ministries, Laguna Hills, California

"Even though I'm a Catholic leader, when it comes to discipleship and church growth, Joey Bonifacio is my mentor. The many times we had coffee together were turning points in my ministry. The man walks his talk. The LEGO Principle contains Joey's life message. Read it and change the way you impact others forever."
- Bo Sanchez, Kerygma Magazine, Manila

"Not only will you have a hard time putting down The LEGO Principle, its message resonates with the truth of God's Word that my friend Joey Bonifacio brings to life. It will again make the church what it should be - a place of loving, trusting, and caring relationships that reaches out and turns people into disciples of Jesus."
- Dirkie Van Der Spuy, Moreleta Park Association, Pretoria, South Africa

"Relationships are central to making disciples as commanded by the Great Commission. Joey Bonifacio connects relationships to disciple making in a way that is sure to benefit all who read his book."
- Ed Stetzer, LifeWay Research, Nashville

"The LEGO Principle is amazingly easy to grasp. Joey is clearly a man who loves making disciples, and his church is living proof of the eternal truth and effectiveness of what he writes. This book is as theologically sound as any book can get and yet vitally relevant to the postmodern world we live in."
- Larry Stockstill, Bethany World Prayer Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"I have had the privilege of hearing the message of this book on several occassions when Joey Bonifacio visited China -  it is always refreshing and at the same ime convicting. Each time I hear it, I reminded of the many times I spent with this man. This is not a message but a way of life."
- Steve, China

"The LEGO Principle provides clear biblical strategies rooted in the Scriptures. As a thoughtful practitioner Joey provides us with clear insights that I urge all followers of Jesus to embrace. You will have  a hard time putting down The LEGO  Principle; it will capture your heart and change your life."
- Geoff Tunnicliffe, World Evangelical Alliance, New York


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