The LEGO Principle


They’ve been made since the 1950s and come in different shapes, sizes, colors and boxes.

Despite their differences and the year they were made LEGOs have the ability to do one thing: Connect to the top and connect at the bottom, because they can do that – LEGO pieces can create just about any shape there is.

Similarly, in Christ we are wired on the inside to connect to God and with one another.  Regardless of where we come from, our skin color or our denominational “box” we have the power to connect to God and to one another. And because we can do that we can pretty much shape the world we live in.

Discipleship is still the game changer that can transform the world through Christ. The LEGO Principle features fourteen Christ-centered lessons on discipleship designed to activate Christians in pews to take action. Go and make disciples!

Here are a few endorsements about the book:

“It’s rich, inspiring and life changing so much so I read it twice.”
- Keith Danby, International Bible Society, London

“This book cannot be ignored and must be read by Christians of all stripes.”
- Fr. Luis Candelaria, Ateneo de Manila University

“…it will capture your heart and change your life.”
- Geoff Tunnicliffe, World Evangelical Alliance, New York

“This book could spark a revolution.”
- Mark Conner, CityLife, Melbourne

“…this book is virally winning the trust of thousands of young leaders…”
- Lance Corley, International Teams, Moscow

“The clear message of this book is anyone can make disciples…”
- Joel Hunter, Northland, Orlando

“Intuitive. Simple. Precise and practical as LEGO itself.”
- Darell Green, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Washington DC


A while back, I hosted Joey Bonifacio on The Exchange and talked with him about a number of topics. Though I'm a little late, and it's been a while, the interview is too good not to share. I was able to speak with Joey about the main idea behind his book The Lego Principle, which uses the classic toy to illustrate his process for disciple-making. Joey is one of the lead pastors at Victory Fort in Manila, Philippines and serves on the International Apostolic Team of Every Nation Ministries.


"You may not have heard of Filipino pastor Joey Bonifacio, but his LEGO Principle - a simple yet profound discipleship model - could change the American church."

- Steve Strang, Publisher                  .