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JB Podcast-A Year of Clarity 1280x720

Duration: 30 mins and 11s

The start of the year is a great time to examine the things we are doing and those that we want to get into as well. Listen to Pastor Joey's message just before you make those tough choices....

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Duration: 27 mins and 38s

Are you excited to fast starting tomorrow? Make sure to listen to Pastor Joey's message on what the real mystery is behind fasting....

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Duration: 31 mins and 48s

As we welcome 2017, let's take a moment to plan and seek God's mind for our lives. And just before you write your plans, listen to Pastor Joey's message on how to plan God's way....

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Duration: 27 mins and 32s

Calling Mary highly favored could have passed as a big joke during her time. She was a young girl without any rights, and having not come from any special pedigree meant life would be tough. We could just imagine how shocked Mary was when the...

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Duration: 28 mins and 31s

About a year before Jesus was born, an angel visited an old priest who was constantly praying for a miracle. The angel's answer wasn't something he was expecting. Find out Zechariah's Christmas story in this message....

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Duration: 26 mins and 9s

Christmas brings a myriad of emotions and memories. But in the midst of all these shifting colors and the bright Christmas lights, it is so easy to get distracted from the real reason behind the celebration....

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Duration: 30 mins and 46s

Does the word 'discipline' fill you with more delight or dread? By the end of this message, my hope is that you'll delight in it. Join me as I end the series "Words of Wisdom" with a message on discipline....

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Duration: 28 mins and 47s

What's the best advice you've ever received? Today I talk about something that tops that. And more than just advice, it's the best piece of wisdom you'll ever hear. Click here to listen to the full message....