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MAR12_Enjoy Marriage

Duration: 29 mins and 47s

Marriage is not just a an agreement between two people. It is a covenant relationship between three parties, you, your spouse and God. And this covenant relationship is best kept by certain principles that each party keeps. Listen to Pastor...

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MAR05_Enjoy Fellowship 1280x720

Duration: 27 mins and 54s

The church is not a building or a place. It is a body of believers that Christ has called together for a purpose. Listen to Pastor Joey explain how we can enjoy God's design for fellowship and how our present technologies may be hindering us...

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Enjoy Freedom 1280x720

Duration: 23 mins

The world defines freedom quite differently from the way God used it originally in Genesis 2:16. Discover God's original intent of his people living in freedom through this message from Pastor Joey Bonifacio....

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Enjoy Work 1280x720

Duration: 28 mins and 35s

Do you feel stuck with your work? Is your work place something that sucks the life out of you? Listen to Pastor Joey break our usual mindsets about the burden of our work....

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Enjoy Boundaries 1280x720

Duration: 37 mins and 21s

Boundaries are usually treated with negative feelings as it limits people. But God has set our boundary lines so that we could experience total freedom. Listen to Pastor Joey's message on how we could enjoy our boundaries....

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enjoy rest

Duration: 32 mins and 55s

If we could decide how many rest days we need to cope with life, how many would we ask for? Could it be that it's not how many days we need but how we spend our rest days? Find out how God intended us to spend our Sabbath days in this message....

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What does it take for you to have a truly prosperous 2017? Listen to Pastor Joey discuss the real deal to being prosperous in this message....

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A Year of Trusting God1280x720


Towards the end of Genesis 1, God mentions Himself as a trinity with a singular purpose of creating man. Listen to how Pastor Joey outlines what God intends for His creation-- a relationship with Him....