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Duration: 42 mins and 44s

During His ministry, Jesus took time to revisit the Old Testament laws that were given through Moses to bring new light on what they really meant. Listen to Pastor Paolo Punzalan's message in Victory's series, "Redefined."...

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Duration: 32 mins and 52s

My message this morning at Every Nation Church Singapore described a battle between living in the Spirit vs. living in the flesh. Throughout our life, we shift from one corner to the other. It's time to stay on God's side....

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Duration: 30 mins and 25s

As we turn to Genesis 5, we find a genealogy of people who followed Adam. It's a list of transitions that shows us how life progresses....

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Duration: 31 mins and 2s

The government of God is nothing like the government of this world, and it starts with what is inside us. What directs us? What regulates us? What governs us on the inside?...

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Duration: 30 mins and 53s

Today's message is the second of a short three-part series on government. And as we look at the role families play in building a government, it is my prayer that we will look at our families and begin to see it in light of God's design and plans....

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Duration: 28 mins and 4s

As Singapore is set to celebrate its 52nd National Day on August 9, we've taken a break from our study of Genesis, to look at how God causes the birth and rise of nations. Today, we'll take a quick look at the three essentials for civil...

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Duration: 31 mins and 36s

As we mark the end of Genesis Chapter 4, we take a look at two words, progenitor and progeny. We will find these concepts scattered in the entire Bible. As you listen to this message, I pray that the Holy Spirit will use this Scripture to open...

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Duration: 29 mins and 19s

God's plan when He created man was not to have someone to be punished. But there are times when God's love is overshadowed by our condemnation, that we couldn't see beyond our sin. The purpose of this message is to restore in our hearts and...