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JB Podcast-The KING 1280x768

Duration: 38 mins and 42s

The first of our Holy Week series "The King." What makes our King unique from all other kings is He is a humble King. One who was willing to be ostracised and humiliated because of His great love for us....

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JB Podcast- Who cares1280x768

Duration: 38 mins and 57s

We have received God’s compassion. God’s compassion to us is also a call to action. Compassion is a personal call. Compassion is a personal call to action....

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JB Podcast- Who cares1280x768

Duration: 42 mins and 53s

Discover God’s heart for the marginalized in our series, “Who Cares.” The text in this message is Matthew 20:25-34,  a telling of the story of how Jesus allowed Himself to be interrupted while on His way to the most important moment of...

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JB Podcast-Do you want to get well1280x768

Duration: 46 mins and 8s

The last in the four part series When Questions Are Answers. I am in Jakarta this weekend and Joseph (my son) preached. It was an awesome perspective on why God asks questions anyway. Joseph gives us a revelation on why and gives us the what. Enjoy!...

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JB SM-Why do you call me Lord1280x768

Duration: 39 mins and 56s

The third in the four part series When Questions Are Answers. In this message I unpack the vital importance of the Lordship of Christ. Jesus tells his disciples, come to me, hear my words but more importantly, put it into practice....

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JB SM-Why are you so afraid 1280x768

Duration: 50 mins and 11s

Why are we always afraid? Jesus asks. This is second in a four part series on When Questions Are Answers. The account in Mark 4 of the disciples crossing the Sea of Galillee brings to life God's desire to bring us into a different venture and...

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JB SundayMessage-When Questions are Answers 1280x768

Duration: 35 mins and 28s

This is the first in a series of four messages that I am preaching on the questions that Jesus asked people. What's interesting and amazing about these questions is how they lead us to the answers to our circumstances in life. Hope you enjoy...

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JB Halo-Halo 1280x768

Duration: 26 mins and 54s

Discover how all of us can use our God-given gifts and talents to minister and serve God and His people in our Volunteer Week message, “Halo-Halo, Sama-Sama!”...