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Have a Mary Christmas 1280x768-B


The story of the Blessed Virgin Mary is integral to the story of Christmas. After all the coming of Christ needed to have a surrogate mother. There are two extremes on the teaching on Mary. On the one hand there are those who venerate her to...

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JB Just in Time 280x768


The first in a series of Christmas messages for 2013. As you know timing is everything. The Bible uses three words for time: Chronos where we get the word chronograph or the way to measure the passage of time, minutes, days, weeks,...

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Duration: 53 mins and 10s

In view of the recent typhoon that hit our country, I have decided to speak on the World's worst storm...ever. Recorded in four chapters of Genesis the account of a forty day storm that rocked the earth is a timely study on how one should...

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JB Generosity 1280x768


You may never be able to explain every detail about the Bible but through generosity people will see the reality of the Bible in our life. Relatives, friends and associates can be touched through simple acts of generosity. I don't need to...

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JB Stewardship 1280x768


It is probably one of the most important messages I preached this year. The big idea is God hates wasters. More than amassing, storing and managing resources stewardship according to Jesus is just as concerned with wasting God's...

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JB Spirit 1280x768


Discover God’s covenant faithfulness to us in our newest series, “It’s Not About the Money!” We hope that after this series, each of us would have greater trust in God and live lives of faith and generosity....

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JB Heart 1280x768


Jessie J's big hit "Price Tag" has had over 280 million views on YoutTube. If the title does not sound familiar the lyrics might. It's the one that goes, "it's not about the money, money, money. - it aint about the ca-ching, ca-ching, ba-bling, babling." Sounds familiar now?

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JB Holiness 1-1280x768

Duration: 40 mins and 32s

We all like a God of love, mercy and grace. The God who heals and provides. And all that is true about our God. As such our tendency is to cut and paste the kind of God we want. We crop and tailor fit Him to our convenience and desires. In...