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JB Honest to Goodness 1280x768

Duration: 3 mins and 1s

Here's the last part of our series, It's not that Complicated, preached by my son Joseph. In spite of her past, Boaz chooses to love and enter into a covenant with Ruth. It is a picture of God’s love displayed when Christ redeemed us in spite...

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JB SundayMessage-Conflicted Passions 1280x768

Duration: 47 mins and 58s

The second part in a series called "It's Not That Complicated." As you listen to this audio you may be saying, he sounds like Pastor Joey, only much younger. The reason why that's true is because I did not preach last Sunday but my son Joseph...

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JB Complicated-1280x768

Duration: 46 mins and 22s

God’s Word does not only show us Jesus’s story—it also includes different love stories that all of us can learn from. What can we learn from the men and women in these stories of the Bible? Discover how we can live a life of love in our new...

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JB SundayMessage-January 04 1280x768


The final message in the series - FIGHT. We started with, why fight, where is the fight and finally, how does one fight. Based on Ephesians 6, this message focuses on the three practices we need to succeed in fighting spiritual forces in the...

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JB SundayMessage-January 03 1280x768

Duration: 45 mins and 59s

The sequel to the start of the year series -FIGHT. If last week was about why we need to fight the good fight of faith, this message is about where the fight happens, in our minds. Here I zero in on the Devil and his cohorts' tricks and...

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Duration: 45 mins and 44s

Fight, is our very first series for 2014. The Bible tells us to fight the good fight of faith, but what exactly are we fighting for. And how are we supposed to fight. This message answers these two questions. May it inspire you to extend...

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JB Podcast-January 1280x768

Duration: 46 mins and 26s

My very first message at Victory Fort this year. In it is a story we find in three of the four Gospels. Levi (later Matthew), a tax collector encountered Christ, he then threw a “great banquet” for him. Invited to the party were his co-tax...

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JB Podcast 002-1280x768-B1

Duration: 45 mins and 38s

2014 is around the corner and a good plan will help us navigate the year for success. This podcast is on the book of Zechariah and gives you 4 ingredients to help you chart a successful plan for the coming year....