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SundayMessage-Last Adam 1280x768

Duration: 38 mins and 4s

Two men in the Bible have changed the course of mankind. What the first man broke, the second fixed. Click here to find out more....

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SundayMessage-Suffering Servant 1280x768

Duration: 38 mins and 27s

There is a rebel inside of each one of us. We will always fall short, make mistakes, and even sin. For this, our just God couldn't let us off the hook that easily. His solution? Find out here....

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SundayMessage-High Priest 1280x768

Duration: 32 mins and 41s

In the past, the High Priests were the men acting as mediators between God and man. The Old Testament prophesied of a High Priest coming, that man being Jesus Christ. This is what we talk about today, as we resume our series with a message...

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SundayMessage-The Lamb 1280x768

Duration: 39 mins and 9s

Of all the animals on earth, the lamb was the one used to describe Jesus in the Old Testament. He is the lamb who came for us to have life and have it abundantly. How exactly did this happen? Find out here as I start our new series "Past Perfect"....

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JB Podcast-TGIS Thank God It's a Sabbath 1280x720

Duration: 41 mins and 46s

Many of us begin the week already filled with stress. As the week progresses, the pressure just keeps piling up. We need rest, don't we? This is what my message is about today, as I close the series with "Thank God It's a Sabbath."...

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JB Podcast-TGIM The Man That Works 1280x720

Duration: 44 mins

Blessed labor, which we tackled in the previous weeks, is actually just half of the equation. The other half is the focus of this podcast....

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JB Podcast-TGIM The Work That Works 1280x720

Duration: 47 mins and 18s

No matter what it is, there is a sacredness in the work that we do. This is the same reason why we're called for excellence in our respective line of work. So how do we access this truth week in and week out? My message today is about a kind...

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JB Podcast-TGIM The God Who Works 1280x720

Duration: 46 mins and 35s

How often would you find somebody sincerely proclaiming "thank God it's Monday" at the start of the week? Not often, right? Work has become a word we resent, avoid, and even dread. But that's just the problem. Today I open with a message from...