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JB Podcast-Behind the Seen-Week1 1280x720

Duration: 33 mins and 55s

Every Christian has been given the mission of sharing the Gospel to others. With such a task, how do we even begin? Pastor Christian kicks off our new series entitled “Behind the Seen”, which looks into the Holy Spirit’s power in us to fulfill...

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JB Podcast-ENAct Series-Week6 1280x720

Duration: 44 mins and 48s

What is the essence of missions? Today, I end the "ENAct" series with a message on missions and how they work. Study Guide: 1. Jesus said we will be His witnesses in different places and a variety of people: Jerusalem (our close circle...

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JB Podcast-ENAct Series-Week5 1280x720

Duration: 39 mins and 35s

Our role as Christians does not just end in the church. We are commissioned to reach out to the people in our own spheres of influence. Today I continue our "Enact" series with a message on missions....

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JB Podcast-ENAct Series-Week4 1280x720

Duration: 40 mins and 50s

Campus ministry is one of the main concerns of our church. Why the campus? Find out here....

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JB Podcast-ENAct Series-Week3 1280x720

Duration: 34 mins and 13s

It takes just one generation to change the fate of a nation. This is why we believe in the significance and power of the youth today. Listen to more of Pastor Christian's message from our "Enact" series here....

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JB Podcast-ENAct Series-Week2 1280x720

Duration: 38 mins and 21s

We find poverty everywhere in the Philippines. We can't run or hide from it. In fact, our exposure to the poor should further ignite our role as a Church. Today, Pastor Paolo Punzalan continues our "ENAct" series with a message about the poor....

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JB Podcast-ENAct Series-Week1 1280x720

Duration: 41 mins and 17s

Church is the place where we find spiritual family. It behaves in a certain way because of the very values it embodies and protects. Today we talk about the church in our new series "ENAct"....

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SundayMessage-Last Adam 1280x768

Duration: 38 mins and 4s

Two men in the Bible have changed the course of mankind. What the first man broke, the second fixed. Click here to find out more....