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JB Podcast-Authentic Neighbor-Week 2 1280x720

Duration: 33 mins and 53s

Pastor Christian Flores continues with our “Authentic” series while I am in Indonesia. Today we look into another facet of authentic Christianity, which is love for our neighbor. While loving others is hard, the Bible tells us that we owe it...

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JB Podcast-Authentic 1280x720

Duration: 34 mins and 37s

Our guest speaker, Dr. Stephen Mansfield, kicks off our new series entitled "Authentic". Today, our message is about authority. There's no escaping authority. We see representatives of it everywhere--in our cities, on the streets, at work, and...

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JB Podcast-Lord in the Midst of Persecution 1280x720

Duration: 35 mins and 29s

Pastor Christian Flores closes our series today in my absence. It is only natural that we like to be liked. No one wants to be hated or persecuted. However, the Bible says that persecution is part of being a disciple of Jesus. In today's...

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JB Podcast-Lord over Family 1280x720

Duration: 42 mins and 8s

Sometimes, there's just no going around it: following Jesus comes with a high price. The reason for this is because there is a certain sacredness involved in putting Him above all else. Today I speak about the sacredness of being a disciple of...

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JB Podcast-Lord Over Our Wealth 1280x720

Duration: 41 mins and 5s

Lordship is simple. It's not about a lot of things, but about one thing: God. It just so happens that choosing God will inevitably affect everything. In this message, Jesus makes it clear as to what following God means—with no if's, and's or...

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JB Podcast-I Wish Jesus Didnt Say That 1280x768

Duration: 36 mins and 20s

Love is counterintuitive. It goes against what the world calls us to do. It goes against our natural instincts. It gets even harder when you are faced with an enemy. So, why bother with love? Jesus explains love like no other....

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JB Podcast-Easter Sunday Week3 1280x768

Duration: 37 mins and 40s

An inheritance is freely given to us. It is not something we deserve nor something we can work for. Today, on Easter Sunday, I talk about the inheritance we have through Christ's resurrection and how this has changed our lives forever....

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JB Podcast-Journey into Holy Week2 1280x768

Duration: 39 mins and 59s

Pastor Christian Flores continues with our “Journey Into Holy Week” series while I am in Taiwan. We live in a world that treats faith like a balancing act. Many of us believe that we have to do good in order to “outweigh” our sins. Others...

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JB Podcast-Journey into Holy Week 1280x768

Duration: 34 mins and 10s

As Holy Week draws closer, it is important to remind ourselves of the reason why we celebrate it in the first place. Today I leave you with three simple yet fundamental thoughts to ponder on for the coming season....

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JB Podcast-SIMPLE Week4 1280x768

Duration: 33 mins and 11s

The secret to discipleship is simple: it only works if every Christian engages others about Jesus. But if it's so simple, why is it that some of us don't practice it? The answer all boils down to a question of value. If we value people, then...