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JB Podcast-TGIS Thank God It's a Sabbath 1280x720

Duration: 41 mins and 46s

Many of us begin the week already filled with stress. As the week progresses, the pressure just keeps piling up. We need rest, don't we? This is what my message is about today, as I close the series with "Thank God It's a Sabbath."...

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JB Podcast-TGIM The Man That Works 1280x720

Duration: 44 mins

Blessed labor, which we tackled in the previous weeks, is actually just half of the equation. The other half is the focus of this podcast....

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JB Podcast-TGIM The Work That Works 1280x720

Duration: 47 mins and 18s

No matter what it is, there is a sacredness in the work that we do. This is the same reason why we're called for excellence in our respective line of work. So how do we access this truth week in and week out? My message today is about a kind...

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JB Podcast-TGIM The God Who Works 1280x720

Duration: 46 mins and 35s

How often would you find somebody sincerely proclaiming "thank God it's Monday" at the start of the week? Not often, right? Work has become a word we resent, avoid, and even dread. But that's just the problem. Today I open with a message from...

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JB Podcast-The Discipline of Fasting 1280x720

Duration: 35 mins and 51s

There comes a point in your life when you've prayed fervently, read the Word constantly, and have given generously but still have yet to receive help in your current situation. In desperate times like this, there's only one thing left to do:...

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JB Podcast-The Discipline of Giving 1280x720

Duration: 42 mins and 14s

"I want more." Our natural tendency is to want more for ourselves. But the Bible presents us with the opposite truth: we were created to be generous. Pastor Paolo Punzalan continues with our "Cross Training" series today, our topic being generosity....

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JB Podcast-The Discipline of the Word 1280x720

Duration: 41 mins and 1s

David remains as one of the most memorable Bible characters of all time. His faith journey is recorded as one of the most colorful yet moving testimonies of God’s faithfulness and unfailing grace. So what was it that made David such a champion...

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JB Podcast-Cross Training 1280x720

Duration: 32 mins and 50s

When problems come, most of us tend to blame the devil or worse, God Himself. We often forget that most of our problems are caused by our lack of spiritual discipline. This new series entitled "Cross Training" explores several aspects of our...

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JB Podcast-Authentic Disciple-Week 4 1280x720

Duration: 40 mins and 55s

'Sharing is life' is the most retweeted tweet on Twitter today. And why shouldn't it be, when we live in a society that loves to share just about anything with others. The question is, what are we sharing about? Today we talk about the final...

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JB Podcast-Authentic Brother-Week 3 1280x720

Duration: 39 mins and 19s

Pastor Christian continues with our "Authentic" series today. We won't always agree with everyone. Even Christians clash sometimes when it comes to certain issues and perspectives. So in a world where Christians come from different social,...