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Duration: 37 mins and 31s

To anyone who's ever wondered what the BIG DEAL about missions is, here's my message for you....

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Duration: 39 mins and 43s

When life gets messy, what do you do? Today Pastor Paolo Punzalan ends our "All and Nothing" series with the best way to respond. Tune in to his message here....

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Duration: 40 mins and 20s

Sometimes the most difficult place to give love isn't the office or the campus, but the home. Join us as Pastor Paolo Punzalan discusses how we can raise godly households and families....

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Duration: 45 mins and 25s

Pastor Joseph Bonifacio delves into the trickiness of licentiousness, legalism and moralism without the aspect of a relationship with Jesus. Find out in this weekend's installment of All & Nothing....

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Duration: 37 mins and 15s

In the fourth installment of our series on Colossians, "All & Nothing," Pastor Joey mines what Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection means for all believers....

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Duration: 32 mins

What does Christ work on the cross mean for us? Pastor Paolo Punzalan tackles the answer in our third week of the All and Nothing series....

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Duration: 32 mins and 39s

In the midst of everything going on, where does Jesus fit in the story of your life? Today Pastor Steve Murrell delivers a message on Christ's preeminence as he continues the series "All and Nothing."...

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JB Podcast-All & Nothing 1280x720

Duration: 44 mins and 49s

What did Christ's death on the cross actually do for us? This is what we will talk about in our new series "All and Nothing". Catch Pastor Paolo Punzalan as he brings us the first message of the series here....