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Duration: 29 mins and 34s

Genesis 3 ends with what seems to be a very sad final act for Adam and Eve. In this message, find out why God needed to cast them out of the Garden of Eden....

Posted: May 14th, 2017 | Podcasts | Comments (0)

Duration: 29 mins and 11s

Today, we've taken a break from going through the book of Genesis, to honor and appreciate the unique calling God has placed upon our mothers, and even on all the mother's in our community. I pray that after you listen to this message, you'll...

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Peter's road to following Jesus has not been an easy one. From the disciple who denied Jesus three times, to being an apostle, Peter's life is something we can all take comfort in. We can all move forward in our relationship with Jesus...

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Duration: 28 mins and 10s

The second part of our message on, "The Joy of Pain," focuses on the account of Job. There is no other book in the Bible that talks extensively about pain than the book of Job. And it is my prayer that we will all learn from the faith and...

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Duration: 29 mins and 22s

We experience pain in different forms and magnitudes. When we encounter pain, just like the prodigal son, may we look to Jesus, and stop using alternatives to the real solution to our needs....

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Duration: 25 mins and 33s

Jesus's sacrifice, death, and resurrection was not a last-minute plan by God. From the moment Adam and Eve sinned, He enacted a plan to provide a way for man's relationship with Him to be fully restored. Here's the earliest glimpse of the Gospel...

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Duration: 28 mins and 35s

How often do we catch ourselves accusing another person? Or how often are we offended because we have been accused? In this week's message, Pastor Joey reveals the best solution to the spirit of accusation....

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Duration: 30 mins and 57s

We are in a fight. We may not feel it every waking moment, but the truth is, our enemy is always on the lookout for a chance to devour us. Knowing our enemy's tactics is winning half the battle. Learn how we can walk free from condemnation in...

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Beyond The Signs_Announcement_Wide


One of the most memorable miracles Jesus did during his ministry was to feed more than five thousand people after a sermon. Listen to the message of Pastor Steve and find out if you too missed the point of Jesus miracle....

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Beyond The Signs_Announcement_Wide


When Jesus visited Jerusalem during the feast of the Jews, He encountered an invalid who had been waiting for a miracle for 38 years. Listen to Pastor Joey's message on how this man got so much more than the miracle he had been waiting for his...


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