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Duration: 37 mins and 9s

Whose voice are we listening to? Do we pay attention to social chatter on our networks? Or are our ears inclined towards the news of the day? the political climate? or the economic tensions going on?...

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Duration: 30 mins and 40s

Pastor Steve asks us to ponder on two very important questions as we listen to his message on the account of the Tower of Babel: (1) What do you do when you discover that your will is not God’s will? (2) What does God do when his plan is...

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Duration: 30 mins and 5s

As we return to our study of the book of Genesis, we encounter the story of the Tower of Babel, and how God took notice of the men and their work....

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Duration: 29 mins and 14s

Imagine a world without flavor. Imagine our world without light. We won't be able to comprehend life in such a state. In this message, we learn why Jesus used these two things to drive home an important facet of our faith....

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Duration: 19 mins and 44s

If we already know the habits that we need to replace in order to have a better year ahead, what will keep us from falling back into our years-old ways of living? Here's the key for that....

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Duration: 29 mins and 52s

Your New Year's resolution is only two weeks old, and it's already on the verge of disappearing. Know how to make and keep your resolutions with this message....

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Duration: 30 mins and 53s

One's bucket list represents the most important, cannot-afford-to-miss things that one needs to do before he or she dies. Make sure to include this item to have a great year ahead....

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Duration: 36 mins and 13s

As we enter 2018, here's a great reminder that is sure to fuel every moment this year. Happy New Year!...