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Our journey for the past 16 weeks has been about the values of the heart and its impact on culture. Here are three points to summarize the series: 1. Values drive the hearts of people. They are what fill up our so-called “boxcars” while we...

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McDonald’s has over 35,000 stores in 118 countries. If you divide 35,000 by 365 days in a year, the result is 95. It is as if McDonald’s was building a store a day (365 days), and has been doing so for the last 95 years! Now that’s a lot of...

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Last week, we discussed the important role values play in shaping culture. They are the single most important ingredients that shapes culture. The better our understanding of values is, the more skillful we become at shaping and influencing...

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You may be wondering what makes values so important that we have spent 14 weeks just to discuss the topic. Well, after weeks of writing on values, what it comes down to is its influence on culture. Values are the single, most important...

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Lower values are determined by higher values. The values of certain currencies are determined by those that have a higher worth. For instance, the Australian dollar’s value is determined against the more valuable British Pound. This premise...

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Not many people know that the word life is mentioned in the Bible using three different words: bios, zoe, and psuche. Each word translates to the English word “life” but they also have their own meanings. Bios Bios is where we get the word...

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The year was 1994: I was 37 years old, and 23 pounds overweight. The doctors findings validated years of self-negligence?my blood works were a horror story, my cholesterol bad, and my sugar off the charts. I had seriously bad eating habits...

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Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, authors of Freakanomics and Super Freakanomics, wrote that “People respond to incentives.” They validated their point in their two bestselling books, by citing how this truth applied to schoolteachers,...

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Charles Dickens’ novel “Oliver Twist” was first published as a serial between 1837 and 1839. It was one of the earliest novels that contained a social slant addressing the issues of the day; particularly society’s way of turning a blind eye to...

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One evening, Marie chanced upon You tube videos of a British TV show featuring 2 types of people: Extreme Hoarders and Extreme Cleaners. On one end, you would have "a collector of stuff" gone wild, her house bursting at the seams with boxes...

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