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A few years ago, as we were walking along a windswept and empty beach, my hubby turned to me and said, “Man, I love this place! There are hardly any people here! It’s so isolated, I could write a book undisturbed, grow a beard, and never...

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It’s the month of February, a season when shops leave singles and couples feeling “loveless” or “pressured”. You were perfectly fine, then come all these ads talking of romance that make you feel inadequate. Don’t give in to these marketing...

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My hubby, Joey, and I have opposing personalities. He is bold and full of faith, ready to take on big challenges. I, on the other hand, sometimes suffer from “Analysis Paralysis”. I take a long time to make a decision. I am afraid of failure,...

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Recently, while having lunch with a group of friends, one of them mentioned that a certain male friend—let’s call him Mr. A—was coming to town. Now, Mr. A is still a single guy. Immediately, a light bulb turned on in our heads…Hmmm . ....

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I can’t imagine why Chen Forng –Shean, does what he does. This Taiwanese artist chooses the tiniest thing, on which to create his awesome artworks. He gets a grain of rice—yes, one grain!— and on that miniature piece, he carves and...

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Sometimes, I am God’s backseat driver. I like to tell Him what to do, and where to go, and how to drive this journey I call my Life. For many years, I have given Him the keys, “God. You’re in control.” In essence, He drives the car of my...

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When you're an adult, Christmas seems more of a mad frenzy of giving out gifts rather than receiving. But when you are a child of God, you are never too old to receive gifts! He’ll never say, “Get out of here! I don’t have time for you!”...

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The Maker of the Universe is knocking at my door. It’s not the first time, He’s been here before. How could a Being, bigger than life, even want to enter my schedule? And yet, He comes. And yet, He knocks. Waiting at the doorway of my...

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“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” -Mother Teresa

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Mary's life amazes me. Frankly, if I were in Mary's shoes—I mean, her sandals—I'd probably be very offended with God. Imagine being Mary, for a minute. . . Here you are—a young, obedient, teenage girl, living a godly life, properly engaged...

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