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I chanced upon this article written by Robert Herriman on March 22, 2016: "Holy Week in the Philippines: Health officials tell people who practice self-flagellation and crucifixion to get tetanus shot"*

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"I need my Milo today!" so goes the slogan of the popular chocolate-malt drink that is sold worldwide. Did you know that it was inspired by a legendary Greek figure? Milo of Croton was known as the greatest Greek wrestler in ancient times...

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A certain son of mine, likes to put me on the spot, by asking challenging questions. He would pick the most horrible, most notorious criminal in the news, and ask: Anonymous son: Mom, which one would you rather see in heaven? Mr. X, a...

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There is a best selling book that has been blogged about a lot. Written by a Japanese author, it talks of a Konmari method as a way of keeping your home clean, organized and junk-free. If you're wondering whether to dispose or keep an item,...

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Have you ever tried riding a Grab or an Uber car? I sometimes do, and get to meet interesting people. One driver shared to me about his French great grandfather. “Do you know that my ancestor was one of those that killed Andres Bonifacio,...

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Let me introduce you to my Pinterest Life. In that world, I have an ideal, pretend home; where every room is organized and color coordinated. I’ve collected wonderful DIY ideas just waiting to be started, places and trips I want to see,...

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A few years ago, as we were walking along a windswept and empty beach, my hubby turned to me and said, “Man, I love this place! There are hardly any people here! It’s so isolated, I could write a book undisturbed, grow a beard, and never...

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It’s the month of February, a season when shops leave singles and couples feeling “loveless” or “pressured”. You were perfectly fine, then come all these ads talking of romance that make you feel inadequate. Don’t give in to these marketing...

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My hubby, Joey, and I have opposing personalities. He is bold and full of faith, ready to take on big challenges. I, on the other hand, sometimes suffer from “Analysis Paralysis”. I take a long time to make a decision. I am afraid of failure,...

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Recently, while having lunch with a group of friends, one of them mentioned that a certain male friend—let’s call him Mr. A—was coming to town. Now, Mr. A is still a single guy. Immediately, a light bulb turned on in our heads…Hmmm . ....

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