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The Christmas season in the Philippines starts in November and lazily ends in January. Filipinos love to eat and have fun. Part of the reason for the never ending season is the number of Filipinos who live overseas and come home to the familiar easy going holiday season – there’s nothing quite like it in the world.

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It's been almost four years since I stopped blogging. The reason is because I have been writing a book that is to be published in the United States in September. Between my day job and the added project blogging was just undoable.

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Vito celebrates his first birthday. He was born January 1, 2011 - his birth certificate says his name is Vito Spanky. Happy Birthday Vito!

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Carla holding a plate of fresh Philippine vegetables with quail eggs. Kristie holding deep fried pig's knuckles unbelievably delicious it will give a German Schweinshaxe a run for its money. Marie is with fresh water Philippine tilapia fish. Not shown in picture is the bulalo soup - a Philippine soup delicacy that is made from beef shank and bone marrow.

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