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That’s because if I have faith that can move mountains and have hope to someday fathom the mysteries of life, but have not love I am nothing, Paul the apostle declares in 1Corinthians. It has been the subject of songs, poems and movies....

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The problem of prejudice is real. Sadly even heroes of the faith like Peter have been guilty of it. Defined as “preconceived opinion(s) that causes one to dislike, be hostile to or behave unjustly toward others.” We continue to find it...

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On my birthday two days ago my oldest son Joseph (31) wrote an interesting thank you note and posted it on my wall in Facebook. What unfolded was an interesting list, some more obvious, others unexpected, even the sequence was...

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Long before God made anything He made light.  Before He made the stars, the mountains, the seas, animals and even man, He made light. Light is the atmosphere that produces life. Light brings life. As Jesus declared, “I am the light of the...

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Moses ranks among the top leaders in the Bible. Little talked about are the women in his life, women who were responsible for turning Moses into the great leader that he was. Small Steps, Maximum Impact The Bible tells the story of two...

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My youngest son, Joshua, and I like playing pranks on each other. One memorable evening after a grueling twenty hours of flights and stopovers from Europe, I arrived home exhausted. The house was dark and silent. Not wanting to wake...

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I am in Taipei as I write this post. The McDonald’s store near my hotel is packed with people. Not everyone speaks English but the universal language of marketing make customers believe that Ronald and his fries are good…I mean, “bad.” When...

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I love watching his show. His recent interview with scholar/author Bart Ehrman, a Bible critic who says the Bible is full of contradictions and that Jesus is not divine is worth the watch. The interview shows how to engage the world in your...

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We are inundated with many images of kings, think: Lion King, King Kong, Elvis the King, even Don King (thank God he is not Manny Pacquiao’s promoter). Add King Arthur and his domain Camelot, an image so romantic, John F. Kennedy fancied...

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With rampant social media, people are more informed about each other’s means and lifestyles. And as we see what other people are enjoying that we are not, it is easy to think we are less blessed than we really are. Here are a few questions to...

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