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We all secretly want to be a super hero. That’s why we buy these comic books and stand in line for Spiderman. We vicariously live our adventures through their stories. But since superheroes are part human and part “super,” they all suffer...

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“Our view of tomorrow determines how we live today.” – Joni Eareckson Tada The story of our relationship with God reminds me of fine wine. Like any story, it has a beginning, middle and end. It all starts when we trust in Jesus and on what...

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Why Does God Need Magnifying? Twenty-two year old Abraham Kho played host to me during my recent visit to Surabaya, a brilliant young man who had just graduated from International Business Management in Boston. Abraham was born with a...

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Want to strengthened, healed, cleansed, encouraged, live graciously with gratefulness?  In one word WORSHIP. Radical Love, Victory's Worship Album will surely help you get into the spirit of worship. Now you can sample all eleven original...

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I too have tried to explain what Jesus meant when He said, “the first shall be last.” While experience is not always the best teacher, sometimes it can be. Last Monday I was checking in at the airport in Manila for my trip to New Zealand....

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As always I check the blogs of the people closest to me. After reading my son Joseph's post on courtship, I read Steve Murrell's post on Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill and Acts 29 Scandal. I have decided to link both posts today as I believe many...

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At our recently concluded couples’ retreat someone asked, “What does one do if you are no longer compatible as you were at the beginning of your marriage? My simple response was compatibility is a myth. The dictionary defines compatibility...

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This is a re-post from my son Joseph's blog last Monday. It seems that taking responsibility for our errors has it's benefits. Thank you Joseph for your candidness and I hope this post helps other fathers. The message at church yesterday...

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Small is big. A big movement can only get bigger if it learns to lead in tribes. It is in leading smaller units that it can become bigger than it already is. This post is all about how to to possess the land. It's one thing to attack and...

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