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Last week I wrote about how truth is the starting point of trust in a marriage. On the same note, it is impossible to hide something in a marriage because marriage makes two people become one flesh. One of the things—which I’m sure other...

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A good way to tell if you’re headed in the right direction is by using a compass. A compass guides you to your destination by veering you away from all the wrong paths and leading you only to the right one. In the journey of marriage, your...

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Often, when we think of Adam, Eve and the fruit, what we see is one bite on the fruit, but the Bible tells us that there were two. Read to the end and you’ll find a surprising revelation. There is no love story that explains trust better...

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Whether it’s between you and your banker, grocer or doctor, relationships rise and fall on trust. This is true for our marriages and even our relationship with God as well. Trust is the foundation of any relationship. So why trust and not...

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In my last article, I wrote about the lesson that changed my marriage. To the over 6,000 people who "liked" the article I wish I could say that it is as simple as listening to a pastor’s moving message or reading one article and voila, a...

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“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” - Mignon McLaughlin As Marie and I just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary, I got reminded of the one marriage lesson that changed my life and...

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We all secretly want to be a super hero. That’s why we buy these comic books and stand in line for Spiderman. We vicariously live our adventures through their stories. But since superheroes are part human and part “super,” they all suffer...

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“Our view of tomorrow determines how we live today.” – Joni Eareckson Tada The story of our relationship with God reminds me of fine wine. Like any story, it has a beginning, middle and end. It all starts when we trust in Jesus and on what...

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Why Does God Need Magnifying? Twenty-two year old Abraham Kho played host to me during my recent visit to Surabaya, a brilliant young man who had just graduated from International Business Management in Boston. Abraham was born with a...

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Want to strengthened, healed, cleansed, encouraged, live graciously with gratefulness?  In one word WORSHIP. Radical Love, Victory's Worship Album will surely help you get into the spirit of worship. Now you can sample all eleven original...

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