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Have you ever been hurt by someone’s thoughtless words or disappointed by a person’s actions? Here’s how we can keep Velcro in our shorts and shoes and away from our memories. . .

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Some people have a very good sense of direction. I don’t. It’s interesting how life can teach you lessons, even through Waze . . .

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Some say “good is the enemy of best”. So when does the cycle of dissatisfaction ever end? Is “good” ever really enough?

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Hi everyone, Marie here. For this week's blog, I will reveal not one, not two, but three secrets!

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Hi everyone! Marie here. Just as I promised, here's a sequel to last week's post: "Secrets My Father Told Me." Have you ever been afraid? Some people are afraid of heights. Some fear creepy crawly insects! When I was younger, I was super...

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As promised, here is the first of a series of posts from my wife Marie. Over next few weeks she will writing on this series. I trust that you will enjoy it because of Marie's insights plus she is really the best writer in the family. Hi...

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Our journey for the past 16 weeks has been about the values of the heart and its impact on culture. Here are three points to summarize the series: 1. Values drive the hearts of people. They are what fill up our so-called “boxcars” while we...

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McDonald’s has over 35,000 stores in 118 countries. If you divide 35,000 by 365 days in a year, the result is 95. It is as if McDonald’s was building a store a day (365 days), and has been doing so for the last 95 years! Now that’s a lot of...

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