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Nothing in all creation is hidden from God. Everything is naked and exposed before his eyes, and he is the one to whom we are accountable. Hebrews 4:13 Have you ever been conned by a con man? When I saw this poor old man, I felt so sorry...

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In my perfect world, I will never make a mistake. My husband and I will never have a disagreement. My kids will be straight A students all their academic life; they'll never have a meltdown. After which, they will all impact the world for...

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This is a question I'm asked every time the elections come. A similar question people ask is, "Pastor, who should I vote for?"

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I chanced upon this article written by Robert Herriman on March 22, 2016: "Holy Week in the Philippines: Health officials tell people who practice self-flagellation and crucifixion to get tetanus shot"*

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"I need my Milo today!" so goes the slogan of the popular chocolate-malt drink that is sold worldwide. Did you know that it was inspired by a legendary Greek figure? Milo of Croton was known as the greatest Greek wrestler in ancient times...

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A certain son of mine, likes to put me on the spot, by asking challenging questions. He would pick the most horrible, most notorious criminal in the news, and ask: Anonymous son: Mom, which one would you rather see in heaven? Mr. X, a...

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There is a best selling book that has been blogged about a lot. Written by a Japanese author, it talks of a Konmari method as a way of keeping your home clean, organized and junk-free. If you're wondering whether to dispose or keep an item,...

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Have you ever tried riding a Grab or an Uber car? I sometimes do, and get to meet interesting people. One driver shared to me about his French great grandfather. “Do you know that my ancestor was one of those that killed Andres Bonifacio,...

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