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Duration: 34 mins and 36s

Is it still possible to be a socially responsible church and campus ministry in a country as prosperous as Singapore? I answer this in my message today....

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Anyone who knows me knows that freshly baked, chewy, chocolate chip cookies are my guilty pleasure. Any notion of limiting my sugar intake flies out the window when presented with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies. A guilty pleasure is...

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CONVERSATIONS: Rules are intended to keep things in check and foster order in society. Most rules are good, and many, if not most, are not meant to be broken. But is it ever time to rethink the rules? This is what sets apart the...

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Duration: 23 mins and 5s

Christianity is impossible to live out without this Person. You can check out the answer and my entire message on EN Vision here....

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  Stress does different things to people. I'm not talking about the daily challenges we face. But the unusual, unexpected crises that come to our lives. Stress makes me want to eat. I need to nibble as I think. The more urgent the...

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When we sense that an injustice has been done to us, it is very easy for us to react. But as believers bearing the name of Christ, we have a reason to choose our behaviour. Look up 1 Peter 2 in your Bible. What reasons are given in 1 Peter...

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Duration: 42 mins and 51s

What does the Kingdom of God look like today? Can it even exist in this day and age? How are Christians called to respond with regards to the Kingdom? Today we answer a lot of these Kingdom questions, as Ptr Paolo Punzalan continue with our...

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How many of you have experienced the following: 1. You are seated on your bathroom "throne" only to realize that someone has used up all the toilet paper, and left the empty cardboard roll dangling. 2. Some people have left their clothes...

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How long have you been in a relationship with the Lord? How would you describe your life in Him at present? Encircle the point in this continuum about how you feel about your Christian life: leaves much to be desired...

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Duration: 33 mins and 38s

The Bible is not a self help book, a guide, a spiritual or even a religious book. How come? Click here to listen to my full message as I kick off our new series "Truth Be Told"....