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CONVERSATIONS: Have you ever been caught off-guard and pulled into a conversation on a controversial issue? How did you respond? Looking back, was it the kind of response you would have wanted to make? How would you have adjusted your...

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Duration: 37 mins and 15s

In the fourth installment of our series on Colossians, "All & Nothing," Pastor Joey mines what Jesus' death on the cross and resurrection means for all believers....

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  "I don't care! I'm taking that job!" I was frustrated and tired of balancing a tight budget of a 1-income household. I was missing my more glamorous career as the head of my own product design agency (which I had let go, as a...

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CONVERSATIONS: People often go through life fearful of what tomorrow might bring. To minimize the pains or failures we fear, we tend to find ways to explain or take control of the things that happen to us. One of the ways people do that is...

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Duration: 32 mins

What does Christ work on the cross mean for us? Pastor Paolo Punzalan tackles the answer in our third week of the All and Nothing series....

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For God is not a God of disorder but of peace, as in all the meetings of God's holy people.1 Corinthians 14:33 NLT For everything there is an appointed time, and an appropriate time for every activity on earth. . .Ecclesiastes 3: 1 NET...

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CONVERSATIONS: At no point does anyone look forward to the pain of tragedy in his life. But when calamities overtake us, how should we respond? Our response can affect what it will make of us. What we know about tragedies should help us...

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Duration: 32 mins and 39s

In the midst of everything going on, where does Jesus fit in the story of your life? Today Pastor Steve Murrell delivers a message on Christ's preeminence as he continues the series "All and Nothing."...

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Have you ever struggled on how to pray? Let me share with you a simple way that has helped me pray, be it in the morning, or as you go about your day. It involves four words I formed into the acronym...

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CONVERSATIONS: The world dismisses the Bible as an ancient book filled with stories that are so far removed from our current time that makes it irrelevant for the modern man. But God's word is living and active. And even if it speaks of...

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