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How Do I Know Which Decision will Glorify God the Most?


Too many options, too little time.

The world has become a commodity of sorts-you just have too many options to choose from! Sometimes it doesnt even make life easier; just a little bit more confusing.

Lets say you're at a restaurant, and the waiter asks you how you like your eggs to be done. Would you say. . . Sunny side up? Hard boiled? Soft boiled? Poached? Hard scrambled? Soft scrambled? Over easy? Over medium? Over hard?

This is the same when it comes to honoring God. There are just so many decisions out there to choose from that sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming to choose. But lets look at the three qualities found in all decisions that honor God:

Not to us, Lord, not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.

Psalm 115: 1

1. Love

A decision founded on love glorifies God. Why? Because you are dealing with love Himself (1 John 4: 7) when it comes to your decisions. The Bible says that the two greatest commandments in the Bible are to love God and love your neighbor. The word love wasn't put there by accident, because God wants us to extend His love to others.

This is why it can't just stop at having the right motivation of loving our neighbor, but we actually have to make every intention to show them Gods love so that God may be glorified.

2. Faithfulness

A decision executed in faith glorifies God. Among all the things Jesus saw while on this earth, the only thing that amazed, marvelled, and pleased him was whenever he would encounter a person with such great faith in him. He later on said that having the faith the size of a mustard seed would be enough to create miracles.

Faith pleases God, because it shows Him that our lives are fully dependent on Him. Word of warning: a decision made in faith doesn't mean that we throw away all matters of practicality(thats just being stupid). A decision in faith, rather, accepts all of your limitations and relies on God to complete the good work started in you.

No unbelief made him waver concerning the promise of God, but he grew strong in his faith as he gave glory to God . . .

Romans 4: 20

3. Obedience

A decision reflective of obedience glorifies God. You cannot separate love and obedience. They are a buy-one take-one package deal. If you love God, you must obey Him. Conversely, if you obey God, it signifies that you love Him. This is why the Psalmist asked God to help him love Gods laws and never forget any one of them, that he may be found a faithful servant of God.

Obedience isn't all about God demanding things of you. Rather, it is a response to God's love for us. The only time we can joyfully obey God's commandments is when we realize the extent of what He was already done for us.

Lets Pray.

Dear Father,

Today we play for clarity despite our growing list of daily decisions to make. May we have a sensitivity to Your Spirits leading in order for us to make all decisions glorify You and You alone.

Lord, lead our consciences to speak to us and prompt us if we are about to do something that does not glorify you. If our consciences have become erroneous or numb to certain issues, we pray that You stir us up with the truth of Your Word so that we can adjust accordingly.

Guide us today in all that we do. May we always remember to make decisions founded in love, executed in faith, and reflective of our obedience to You. May You always be glorified, as You deserve all praise.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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