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Honor God With Your Heart

JB Podcast-Honor God Week1 1280x768

Duration: 40 mins and 51s

JB Podcast-Honor God Week1 1280x768

My first message in 2015 is taken from Mark 7, where Jesus encounters the Pharisees and confronts them about their double-faced lives. Hypocrisy is when we try to be someone we’re not and have no intention of ever being that person. My hope and prayer is that as you listen to this message you will choose to honor God not with your lips but with your heart this year. In this way you will see Him honor you as you live out your life fully to Him, for Him and in Him.

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4 thoughts on “Honor God With Your Heart”

  1. Tet says:

    Boom! Thanks for having the courage to say what I needed to hear Pastor Joey. Humility and courage is a powerful combination and may I say this, yun po talaga ang nakikita at naririnig ko sa inyo sa tuwing makikinig ako sa preaching ninyo.

    1. joeybonifacio says:

      Hi Tet. Thank you for your encouraging words. And thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

  2. carlo sule says:

    how can i honor God with my heart and not have double-faced life everyday of my life while inside the office with full of negative people specially all boss and supervisors who always makes our working environment and treatment towards each other so miserable.
    infact, one of that boss is a born again christian, and my supervisor is also a born again christian.

    1. joeybonifacio says:

      Hi Carlo. Our hearts are most deceitful the Bible says. At the end of the day change happens when we have a discovery that there is an alternative to the lifestyle we are living. Discovery or revelation leads to desire. That's the big question do you want to change. Desire then leads to a decision. Most people stop at desire - they want to change but without making a decision change does not come. A true decision is proven by the determination and perseverance of those who say the want to change.
      As far as your bosses are concerned that can be expected of the world where people do not know Christ. As far as your "born again boss" is concerned the Bible says we will be known not by our religious affiliation or label but by our fruits and actions.

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