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He Cares

JB Podcast- Who cares1280x768

Duration: 42 mins and 53s

JB Podcast- Who cares1280x768

Discover God’s heart for the marginalized in our series, “Who Cares.” The text in this message is Matthew 20:25-34,  a telling of the story of how Jesus allowed Himself to be interrupted while on His way to the most important moment of fulfilling His mission on earth. Not only did He allow the barging in, He interacted with the people who did. The big surprise though is how, Jesus infuses compassion in us to have compassion on others.

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One thought on “He Cares”

  1. catiechan says:

    Thanks for this message Pastor Joey. I was just really in deep thought about the same topic. We recently did a donation drive for the mentally-handicapped residents of Elsie Gaches and it tore my heart when I saw the living conditions of over 500 people suffering from varying degrees of psychological incapacity. I kept thinking that these are the people who cannot help themselves or think for themselves. I was thinking and asking God what His plans are for this people and if salvation is at all possible for those who cannot understand or accept Jesus. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter. My friends said that even with all this suffering, God is still good and that He still has good plans for these people even if it seems impossible or overwhelming.

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