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Why you should drive through life like a Ferrari

He achieved the all American honors in football and was drafted into the NFL. He played for the Los Angeles Rams and the San Diego Chargers. But with success Miles McPherson found himself strapped in  drug abuse.

In 1984 Miles encountered the Lord Jesus and became a Christian. In 1986, after retiring from football Miles went back to school and received a Masters Degree in Divinity. Today he pastors Rock Church in San Diego.

I met Miles at a fellowship of Christian leaders two days ago in Dallas. While hanging out with him I asked him what was the closest thing in his heart as a Christian in recent times. Here were his three thoughts:

1. People are amazing. He says, “the fact is people are amazing only because they are all made in the image of God. Sadly while we’re supernatural people most people live like dogs. Not realizing that within us is a potential to reflect the glory of God.”

I guess for a former “druggie,” turned pastor who leads a congregation of 12,000, who has written several books and bagged an Emmy Award as producer of a documentary Master Meth, Miles knows what he’s talking about. There’s something amazing in all of us. It’s time we changed our perspective and see ourselves the way God sees us.

In his words, “We were made as Ferraris and we need to stop driving through life like we’re beat down volkswagens.”

2. It’s time to expose the deception. He says, “God made us for mansions but we choose to live in Ghettos. We often settle for second best. I asked Miles, what he meant by that. He replied, “we live as prisoners of our attitudes, self-image, perspectives and even of our own physical bodies’ limitations.”

Exposing the deception allows us to reach out for the real answer:

3. Jesus. I love Miles’s response to how to overcome the deception. “Jesus.” He is the One who restores us back into the image of God. Knowing that it is He who does that makes us appreciate the truth that we are amazing and yet enables us to walk in submission and humility.

Jesus gives us the reality that we are unique, valuable and yet we are not created just for ourselves but are meant to share our amazing lives with others. In many ways that’s the simple meaning of discipleship, sharing one’s amazing life in Christ with others.

Your weekend thoughts: Drive through life the way your were designed and made, you’re a Ferrari! Expose the deception by continually trusting on nothing and no one but Christ. Finally share your amazing life in Him to others.

Just got Miles latest book, “God in the Mirror” sub-title is: “Discovering Who You Were Created To Be.” Can’t wait to read it.

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